Who is Living.Ai?

A big problem i see here is the lack of any kind of response , or introduction , or even knowledge of who works at / runs this company.
It’s hard to have any confidence in a company or their product when you don’t have any clue who they are other than “Faceless Chinese company”. and with all the recent issues a lot of us are scared you will just “disappear” like some other company we know.


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LOL, now they are silencing people.

Guess this phase of the apologetics begins.

Yup i was NOT disrespectful i just asked to know who we are dealing with and Bam silenced !!

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I’ve video conferenced with at least one person from Living AI and can verify he is a real person. From my time chatting with him, I can verify that he sure appears to be a real human just like you and I.
However we need to understand and accept that not everyone has english as a first language. As a result the way you and I read things and respond is different to the way a non english person would. The Living AI team are chinese, therefore it’s reasonable to understand that maybe their spoken english is not as good as they would like.
I know from my time chatting with Wayne we had to several times go back n forth to understand things. I can also say that from what I’ve heard from him, they do have a vision beyond what we see now which is awesome.
I believe they are working on their public facing communications and understand they’ve recently hired additional staff to handle the load so they can better communicate.


Sorry did not realize that would happen if a regular user reported it.

Hey - all good - I’m getting used to this software too :slight_smile:

Late to this topic, but after just looking EMO and LivingAI up online, I might have picked a few things about the company. Disclaimer, this is just what I have found.

It seems like Living.AI’s FCC profile contains some important information about the company, including their address. https://fccid.io/2AZ6R

As for the people who founded the company and are employed, it seems like I’ve only found five tangible names; Yue, Tony, and Wayne Zhang, as well as a Michelle Yuan and another person in the LivingAI group with the alias “Jingle.” I also heard in the discord that Wayne (Zhang) was one of the co-founders of the company.
Due to that, I assume the three Zhangs might be siblings and they might have founded the company. But considering Zhang is the 3rd most used last name in China, we can also assume that they might not be related.

Overall, I’m excited for what LivingAI has to offer, especially in the future. Even if they keep themselves pretty anonymous, they seem to actively engage with the community well in the forums, Discord, and Facebook. Though their production might be slow at the moment, I fully understand why. Honestly, I see a lot of potential in EMO and in robots in general in the coming decade. And who knows, 10 years from now we might be building robots like we do with PCs!


Yup - the FCC filings are public knowledge and yeah - there’s some very interesting things in there which gives a hint into things for the future.

Yes - I understand Wayne Zhang is one of the founders as well and our key point of contact with them. Tony is one of the lead technical people that we know as well, although he is very quiet in the forums and social media.

I don’t think they are trying to keep themselves anonymous, moreover they just have not invested heavily into the public facing side of things. They are investing more heavily into building EMO and shipping him vs the marketing / fluff side of things. I know talking to them that they are very much committed more and more to making things happen as opposed to talking about making them happen. Likewise I do also wish that they could do more public facing stuff so people can get to know them better.


Yup, I guess anonymous isn’t really the word. I probably meant that it isn’t easy for a newcomer to know the company’s team. But, they still definitely interact with the community, and I’m quite happy with the way they do currently.

I fully agree with them prioritizing updates and getting the bot out from a practical standpoint. They’re definitely onto something, and fully fledged marketing can come once EMO’s fully developed. I can’t wait for what they have in store next - the potential is practically endless with this little bot!

By the way, I’ve seen your videos on EMO Lives - keep up the good work! I definitely appreciate your commitment with this.


Yeah - agreed their priorities have been good and are continuing to improve.
Thanks for the compliment - I’ve got more planned for the channel soon, just making the time to do it is the hard bit!

1, Is Emo from a China company?
2, Where is the app, an Android app or widows app? why no any link on the website?

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Hi there @nemowang ,

I have moved your post to this thread so that you can read mainly the information above about your concern.


iOS Version / Apple Store Download Link:

Android Version / Google Play Store Download Link:

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