Where to find tracking number when it’s sent

Is this where I can find my tracking number when it is sent? Like will the processing message change and show my tracking number?


I suppose that you’ll receive an email message with the tracking number.


I’ve shared a similar reply to this a while ago else on these forums. Once you EMO order is shipped and Living.AI have a tracking number for you. Simply login and check your account from the Living.Ai website.

Select Tracking Order and your order number and details will start appearing in there.

Then after a while it will autopopulate and explain where your EMO is. This is what mine looked like from start to finish. (do note that sometimes this will appear in Chinese and not in English).

A few people, also use 17 tracking to see where their EMO package is. Once you get your tracking number you can also use this website. It should provide sometimes a little more info that you see from one provided within your Living.Ai account page.

Hope this helps :surprised: :head: :skating: :heart_1:


Yes very much! Thank you


i got my tracking number awhile ago and the package still did not reach the shipping company so if i were you i’d be on top of it once your order is marked completed

You should visit VRL Tracking to get information