Where is my order?

Hello! I placed an order on the 3rd of March, and I didn’t get any details or updates on the shipment and the package. I am worried because it has been almost a month since I placed an order. On your page, it says that the load is being processed. Do you have any feedback? The order id: #25472

Hi there, welcome to the community!
You must have missed this line on the order page:

Also on the Delivery Process page you can check out the progress of shipping:

At the moment, it takes about 4-6 months in general for the package to be delivered. If you feel like that would be too long of a wait for you, you can always contact Living AI by sending an email to service@living.ai for them to assist you with other options :happy:

I hope yours would get delivered soon!

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Wow! Now I feel kinda dumb. Thanks for the feedback.

Glad I could help! If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Not saying you were dumb, but many people have missed that… They need to update the message though because things will likely be a bit longer than that as they had a COVID shutdown in Shenzen for 7 days (government mandated). Rest assured, you will get your EMO. just will take a little longer than you hoped for.

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