Where does Emo get weather info?

My twins are 17 days old. Every day for 17 days they have said “it’s cloudy” when asked the weather. Today there is not one cloud in the sky, but i still got “it’s cloudy”. Where are they getting this erroneous information? The temperature is always correct. The info can’t be from a near by town because the whole area is showing as sunny on the Weather Channel app. We are the only town in the entire USA with this name. Any ideas out there?

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This has always been somewhat of an issue with EMO when he spots you and tells you what the weather is like.

Most of the time it will be incorrect, (sometimes being anywhere between 5-10 degrees off) and the animations also being incorrect.

If I ask a standard question: EMO What is the Weather Like?

Most of the time, my two EMOs will normally report the incorrect weather, even If I’ve updated to my nearest CITY (which is SYDNEY) in the EMO App (as EMO always incorrectly reports the weather if I enter my exact suburb in the EMO App).

If however, I ask him what is the weather like in Sydney, he will be pretty much spot on most of the time (for example today it’s approx 13-14 degrees and cloudy) and he got that right.

We have no idea, how/where EMO is getting this information from, and a number of EMO owners have asked the same thing in the past. This is one thing that living.ai do need to improve for EMO in future EMO updates.

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Thanks, Abbott. The Weather Channel app shows my town be the nearest bog city as having the same weather, but the animations are still “cloudy”. I guess I’ll just have to wait to see of they fix it. I appreciate the time you took to write such a detailed answer.

No problem @Diane53

Yes, the weather reporting does need to be improved, especially for smaller towns/suburbs as EMO always seems to report those incorrectly.

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