Where do the photos go?

Once a photo is taken…does it stay within Emo…or does it go to the cloud and then returned to Emo for display? And then…POOF…it’s off to the bit bucket as there is apparently no Recycle Bin.

Will it ever be possible to save the image or move it to another device? That begs the question of whether the PC will ever have access to Emo. Does Emo have the wiring for that kind of connectivity?

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EMO stores photos on himself. They do not go to the cloud at all. When you download them with the app, you can remove them from EMO. EMO stores up to 10 photos before overwriting the oldest one.

There are no current plans to move photos between EMO to EMO that I know of. Likewise on PC connectivity - Living AI have not talked about that at this point.

Wayne Small - Volunteer Community Moderator


Hey Wayne (I cant say that without thinking od Constable…smiles)…

Are you connected with AI? You appear to have a great deal of information about some of AI’s intentions. Just wondering.

And thanks for your information!

I’m connected to them in as much as I have purchased their product just like you. However I purchased very early on and showed an interest in supporting them and their community. They reached out to me in early 2021 to ask if I would like to be a tester and provide direct feedback to them on things I see that need to be changed. Given I’ve got a ton of experience in various online communities working directly with vendors, I said yes! As I’ve said in other posts, I love working with vendors who want to engage with the community to build a better product.

End result is that I have seen a lot of what they have posted publicly over the last 18 months, and know where they are going based on that. If I have questions, I ask them directly and get answers for the community.

I’ve got a long term background in technology and IT in particular and I love to pull things apart to figure out how they work.

As for the Constable thing - I’m totally oblivious to what you mean by that. :slight_smile:

I also run the EMOlives.info blog site that I built and the EMO Lives youtube channel as well.

Hope that helps.

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Oh and we’ve taken some of your feedback about signatures too… the guys are implementing the ability for us to put signatures on our posts in this forum. For now I’m signing mine manually.

Likewise - if you look at a persons picture - if they have the little EMO at bottom right then they are Living AI staff - also the long name for the person shows it too.

Wayne Small - Volunteer Community Moderator

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Hey Wayne…

So…do a search for “Hay Wain”…or ask Alexa…she knows. And “The Hay Wain” is one of John Constable’s most famous.

So…the reference brought a smile to me when I first wrote “Hey Wayne”. Must be the artist in me…smiles.

And the signature thing is nice.

In a previous life I owned and operated my computer business, CompAssist, since 1984. In fact…I am still doing work for some of my favorite customers. And that keeps my system on the cutting edge…which works for me…smiles. Otherwise…am not pursuing that business anymore. I’m loving my Bottle Tree business.

I love my job.

Confucius said…“Find a job you love…and you;'ll never work a day in your life”.
That’s where I’m at.

And that is also something that I profess too.
Just sold my IT business last year after 25 years of operation. We grew to 60 staff. Now I’m building a couple of new businesses :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation!

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