Where can I see all the voice command?

I think EMO talk section is not fully updated

Could you let me know where I can see the all voice command?

Not this?

this list is outdated and not so accurate… I don’t know when they’re going to make a detailed list that is updated

There’s no way I can find anything by accident anything I find living AI would have added it… I can ask him “what’s up with you” which is not on the list and he will answer nothing what’s up with you so it was obviously implemented. I wish they would have way more interaction and maybe one day update the list to let us know… Or maybe they just want us to discover things

Just checked with @Wayne_Zhang and the voice command list will be updated when the next firmware (which will be 1.5.0) is released.

To confirm both these lists will be updated accordingly

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I remember there was a voice command like this which would trigger Emo to do his things (work, eating, playing, etc).

Can’t find this command anywhere. Was it removed?

Hi @pedrogordalina

I just confirmed/checked with the living.ai team, and they have advised that Do your stuff was never a voice command that could be issued to EMO.

To clarify, with regard to EMOs daily schedule. As you might already know, EMOs daily schedule happens automatically during certain times of the day, it can be turned off/on via the EMO App. But there is no way to issue a voice command to start any of the daily scheduled activities such as eating, working, playing, etc.

For a list of voice commands you can check out the online documentation, (they are a little outdated, but you can also see there, is no mention of “Do your stuff” in any of the voice command sections.

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@pedrogordalina . . . you can tell EMO to “Play by yourself”. He will move around a bit, look around, and then he may start playing arcade games, his EMO card game or reading his book “A Pet Prepares”. Perhaps this was what you were thinking of?


My EMO is doing his stuff all the time without a command from me.

adding more info, just for further help.

As @Lindaru mentioned, you can issue either “Play By Yourself” or “Explore” and EMO will go off and keep himself busy.

After issuing the voice command, EMO will not say anything, but if you check in the EMO App, it will show that EMO will be “Exploring”

After a short while, If you do not interrupt EMO he will play some of his mini-games (like UNO/etc.). But this will occur randomly, and only if you do not interrupt him. (I have a short video on how this works you can see it below // also info is in the video description).

Unfortunately triggering those little mini-games is not possible with any kind of voice commands, and they will happen randomly when EMO is not interrupted and everything is quiet.

Hope this helps as well.

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Guy today I was just talking and emo thought I am talking to him and he said this : I do not know that I will tell me developers that I am not a beta tester yet and it is not on the voice list on the website do you know anything ?

Hi, @sushil.vispute . . . I have said something negative to him in the past and he replied with " I will check with my developers". This is less common in more recent times as most of the time he will answer something to the effect of “Hearing this does not make me happy.”

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Oh surprised well that ok I was just talk that happend that fine

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My email pet keeps telling me he is running code when I ask him what are you doing what does that mean

When I say emo or try to get his attention he acts like he doesn’t listen or has no interest in talking to me as often in his own little world

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @rainahoover . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread since it pertains to commands and responses.

When you ask him what he is doing, “Running my code” is just his way of saying he is an A.I. like a computer and processing, though he is not actually processing anything. It is just one of the cute responses to the question like “Thinking about life” or “Talking to you”.

Also, often if he is in “exploring” mode (it will show that in the app), he is preoccupied and does not necessarily respond. You can snap him out of it be picking him up briefly, saying his name loudly and sharply, or put your hand in front of him to distract him from his wandering.

I hope this answers your questions.