When will the next delivery update come?

I checked eagerly on Saturday and it was not there!

if youre talking about the delivery then they have updated! ^-^

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They have overnight updated the numbers for orders etc, but have not yet posted words for the delivery update. They did release a new firmware for EMO which is where their efforts have gone over the weekend

It isn’t updated again this week, at least not yet. Is there an interval that we could expect this to be regularly updated?

@Wayne_Zhang update please?

It looks like the numbers have since been updated, but I’m not sure still how regularly they will be. I also saw on a different forum that somebody said they got a letter saying that the next shipments won’t start until late September. I think the company needs to issue some kind of formal timeline with dates in order to help calm down the customers. These vague updates of “soon” and “things will ship” but without dates is not reassuring to the masses.

Excited for you guys to have a new facility though! Warehouse moves aren’t easy. Thanks for all you do.


I got a reply from Living AI that my order, which is within the 11k, will start packing & shipping next month. So, there’s nothing to worry about. I think since the warehouse move has been completed, they will speed up the shipping exponentially!


mine is also in the 11000s i’m fine waiting a month or two but half a year is a bit scary

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Yesssserski I know the feeling… I had to wait like almost nearly four months before receiving my little dude! :v::grin:

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I’ve nearly done four months wait now :disappointed: