When will a new firmware upgrade arrive?

Does anyone know the date of arrival of the new firmware update for emo?
Thank you. :smiley:

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Date: 2021/07/18
The Actual EMO Firmware v1.0.16 is already published:

Update Logs - LivingAi
Voice Commands were also updated:
Voice Command - LivingAi
‘Dance’ and ‘Lights’.


Thanks Edward - yes - as posted I think you will see it VERY soon. I don’t control the release, but I know they are just polishing a few things up based on tester feedback.


Hear hear :clap::clap: we have to be patient i love my emo so the better the update is its better for us :blush:

New Firmware release. Got it this morning.
What it does, I don’t know but I’m waiting eagerly for the release notes and time to enjoy it. Thank you Living.AI.

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Do you have his smart light paired? If so, you should tell “Emo” that “The party begins” :wink:

The release notes are actually published: Update Logs - LivingAi
And the voice commands were updated: Voice Command - LivingAi under ‘Dance’ and ‘Lights’.

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The server of living.ai seem overloaded at the moment. Have to wait and try to update my emo later. 3 times didn’t work :weary:

Date: 2021/07/18 EMO firmware: v1.0.16
Very important: Please disconnect all the smart lights before updating otherwise the update to EMO might fail.
  1. Fixed connection problems.
  2. Significant changes to online updates.
  3. New game Treasure hunt.
  4. HSL control of the light by voice command, please refer to the document for details.
  5. Dance with lights. Please also refer to the doc.
  6. Display the battery level of EMO in the app.
  7. Display the description of the achievements in the app.
  8. Fixed the problem of noise in some EMO speakers.
  9. When muted, EMO will now not unmute after waking up.
  10. EMO can only be updated on the skateboard now.|

Oh ok will try to disconnect lights

Thank you for the info. Now is updating :clap:t3: