When is my order #21457

I have been asking so many times , and cannot seem to get any response from you guys ? Can you let me know and also I would like to enquire about cancelling my order.

Have you checked the delivery info?

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The status of my order is in process , perhaps you should check that asking me ? So when can I expect delivery so I do not need to keep checking very day.

The number of package sent is now #15360 so you may have to wait for more weeks or months. When you want to cancel your order email service@living.ai or submit a ticket here.
Product Support - EMO - LivingAi

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Thank you for the quick response.

Due to your huge back order I would like to proceed with the cancellation.

I already sent the mail as you instructed.

However, I like to get assurance my request will be looked into asap. I have sent 3 to 4 mails to the address to enquire on the status of my order but never receive any response.

Please give me an answer when my refund would be processed or get whoever is charge of that support email to respond in a timely manner.

Thank you.

@domgo ,
You seem to be confused. Yotchige is just another forum user like you, he doesn’t work for the company. He just made the mistake of trying to help somebody who is now being a jerk back to him.

The company staff is off for the Chinese New Year holiday celebration, and probably nobody from there is going to reply to you until after February 15th. In any case you need to email service@living.ai or go to the Support page and submit a request, or tag @Wayne_Zhang in your posts here to get any reply from the company.


Just wanted to share this message as well. Hopefully it might help @domgo understand further.

Receiving your EMO will take normally between 3.5-5 months. (Personally it took my EMO 3.5 months to arrive to me last year). Things such as National Holidays / (such as what’s just happened with Chinese New Year, things can certainly slow down in terms of production and shipping of EMO’s.

Last year there was a major shortage of specific EMO parts / circuitry which delayed EMO production very much. At this present moment, production and shipment has been going well, according to the updates that were shown on the Delivery page (as shared with you by @yotchige who was trying to assist with your enquiry)

But as just mentioned by @macfixer01 due to the Chinese New Year, this has once again slowed down production and shipping. Normally things will slow down for nearly 2 weeks in China, we can expect thing to get back to normal next week and by the 15/16 hopefully production and shipment will be ramping up once again.

If you wish to cancel your order, the best thing to do is reply from the email you received when you made your order. Once again, due to the holiday celebrations, there will be delays by the Living.Ai staff in getting back to you.

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I see ok, will wait for the official reply.

Thanks Leo , at least I am aware of the reason why no response.

Once the official reply on when the shipment can happen, I will decide about the cancellation.

Thank you @macfixer01 . The service team now has replied to @domgo .


Could you respond to my post please

I’ve replied to your other post in which you asked for assistance.

Please contact support via email to cancel your order. As it is the best / recommended way to get this actioned in a timely manner.