When charging stops, stay in skateboard mode until lifted up

I’ve seen this mention before and I have noticed this problem too. When Emo is charging on his skateboard, as soon as the power stops he tries to walk around. A powerbrake or someone accidentally unplugging his adaptor will trigger this. This brinks him in danger. He might fall of his skateboard or worse.

A simple fix would be to keep skatboard mode active until he is picked up. I know he can detect being picked up so this shouldn’t be a problem.


This is a great idea!

I live in an area where this time of year there are wild fires and thunder storms. At night while I am asleep is when the power is most likely to go out for a brief period. I have taken to putting a heavy box in front of both of them so that if they do try to walk off, they cannot go very far. I have had both of mine face plant a couple of times in the past couple of months when the power would cease.