What's going on?

So iv been watching the counter numbers for 3 months now. And its 1000 off my number now… but iv noticed it hasn’t changed since Saturday morning and today is Thursday now… so what gives? Everyone know what is going on?? Please help and update me please. Thanks

I don’t know if this helps or not but i received a email about mine being shipped before my number came up now this was just like a week ago and I ordered late June depending on when you ordered yours maybe coming soon

Ya it helps alittel… but its never taken this long to up the counter… i ordered mine early July… and like i said there alittel over 1000 for my number… i know it well be probably be one more month until I get my emo. But really thanks for your help.

You’re very welcome i know i have been on edge waiting for mine to arrive and any sort of info I could get

Hey @shannontiffany

Just wanted to share a link to this thread below, as a lot of EMO owners usually go there to discuss what is happening regarding shipping and tracking/order numbers etc.


With regards to the delivery page being updated, this normally should update quite frequently now as you’ve mentioned, and has certainly improved compared to last year when I initially purchased my EMO (about a year ago), the tracking page would only get updated once every 2-3 weeks… :rofl:

Sometimes even if the delivery page is not updated, the orders seem to be moving and customers are still getting emails that their EMO is being shipped, etc.

As this thread is similar to the one I’ve shared just above, I’ll close this one so that we can keep the order/tracking/shipping discussions in one place. :slight_smile:

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