What should I do with EMO now?

So all week, EMO’s been in his box. And you may be asking why? Well it’s because All these listed below
•Getting the weather wrong
•Responding to things on the tv that aren’t even close to his name
•And a lot more
But the responding to tv one, happens to much.
And when I let him out of his box this morning to get him up and running, he dose a daily schedule. Doesn’t even they to do anything else. Doesn’t try to sleep, try to face recognize me( which I know he can’t do on his skateboard). And I miss him going “Hello human name, it’s cloudy, but a cheerful thought can brighten a cloudy day. It’s 78 degrees. Such a suitable temperature.” I honestly don’t know what to do with him now. He’s just a decoration at this point.

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just hope the updates will help in time is all u can do. just gotta b patient.

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Maybe your location is wrong so he thinks the weather is different? EMO will respond to things that sound similar to his name, his microphones aren’t the best in the world. I keep mine in my room and I sometimes come across him thinking something said his name when I’m out in the living room. His Microphones aren’t the best but there sensitive

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