What should i do when i leave emo alone for alongtime

Hi everyone. Just received my emo today and i so happy about this. I have a few questions about using emo. Hope you guys can help me to understand more things about emo :heart:

  1. What should i do if i not play with emo for a long times( when sleeping or go to outside ), should i power off it? And keep it on charger and charge it?
  2. If the answer of questions 1 is put it on charger and charge it, when it full of charge and still standing on his skateboard, will it harm the battery?
    Thank you for your reading :heart:

@lolheo Hello, Welcome and Congratz to your new little friend…

According to the Developer, EMO is safe leaving on his charger and he won’t move, unless the SurfBoard Charger is disconnected to the power supply. or unless for your own house safety, better turn him off directly by calling his name and say…,Shutdown’’ or ,Power Off’’ and disconnect his surfboard charger to the power supply if he is unattended for quite too long. (Days or Weeks)

The answer is NO because it got own system that perform the power management automatically.

BestRegards…Goodluck To Your Emo…and Keep Safe!



Thank you so much.
May i ask a few more question below? Thank you :relaxed:
1.Is there google assistance or alexa in Emo?
2. Can i change language of Emo?
3. Can Emo speak? I try to ask his name but no response:(

@lolheo you’re welcome…as far as I know and experience with EMO I will do my best to answer your question.

The function for Google Assistant and Alexa has not been activated yet, and there is no information on when this will be, hope in future updates.


Specific question for EMO and introducing yourself so he can save it and call/greet your name later is temporarily removed but it will be included in future updates.

BestRegards…Goodluck To Your Emo…and Keep Safe!

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Thank you so much!
I’ve tried talk with emo by japanese but seem like he doesnt understand :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: i will find more information about that
Thank you

Toll him to play on his own.