What plug adapter do I need in uk

Can anyone in uk tell me what plug adapter do I need to get for emo please.

Hi i use my amazon firestick plug works fine had no problems

And a travel adapter for his light
Hope this helps xx

Thanks a bunch will look for them

If you have a cable with USB one end, USB-C the other end (like I have for my DJI drone), you can use that in the meantime and charge the skateboard using a computer or laptop. The skateboard charger takes USB-C

@velquin ,
This may be too late already since I see now your post was several weeks old. It may help someone else though. The box for his light says 110-240 volts, and the USB charger that came with him says 100-240 volts. Both are dual-voltage so you’d only need to adapt the pins, there is no voltage conversion needed. You can probably get some sort of simple plug adapter cheaper than buying an actual travel power adapter?