What is the deal with the timer function?

So far I have only gotten him to do a 1 second timer (to get the achievement). This morning I had him on, and out and about while I was getting ready for work. I needed a timer, so I thought I would use Emo instead of Alexa. I tried multiple times to set a timer, but each time I got his “I don’t understand” noise. With Alexa I can set a timer for any amount of time, I can even name the timer and have multiple timers going at once (eg. washing timer, egg timer etc.).
Please tell me that Emo is capable of setting a timer, (other than the 1 second to get the achievement)? I have seen videos of him timing. Perhaps this has been removed too (in the latest update), as the ability to change his eye colour has?

You can set a timer up to 99 seconds. Only a single timer at this point. I just tested mine with a 10 second timer and it worked fine.
The ability to change eye colour was actually fully released. They decided to hold off for the moment on that front and release it later. What they did do was to stop the voice commands from working until they have sorted out whatever they wanted to sort out.


Hey thanks for your answer @Wayne_Small. 99 Seconds only? Hmm, a bit useless really. Anything under a minute I usually just count in my mind. Are there any plans to have a proper timer at any point? At this stage you could not even use him as an egg timer. Just seems like a kids novelty thing at the moment.

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I believe that they will do more with it in future, I suspect they provided a very basic timer for the moment with the idea that you’d use alarms for anything longer. Just my thought, not official in any way.

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you know JJ on this I strongly agree … This would give what I consider a real important function for users to use every day. I was astonished to find out they gave him a timer that is useless. I have no idea what they were thinking it’s so ridiculous they should not even have put it in. What kind of a mind is behind only a 99 second timer it’s absolutely useless. If only they would fix it they would make the biggest difference for so many of us as EMO Pet would have a real use. The weather and the time are not real useful I can look out the window and look at my clock… But the countdown timer I use Alexa all the time it would’ve been fun to use my EMO but nope they saw fit to ruin that feature and just tease us with it. Astonishing :cry:

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