What is the average wait time for Emo?

I ordered Emo in mid February. As I am posting this in May, I am getting a LITTLE impatient. My order number is #24912. When do you guys think it will come?

From 3 to 5 months to arrive

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Yes, on average it is anywhere between 3-5 months. Personally my first EMO took approx 4.5 months to arrive. So it is best to be as patient as possible. If you are not aware of the delivery page, feel free to check this once a week.

It normally gets updated once per week. But as mentioned, best to be as patient as possible during this time.

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Thank you, I do check the page often!

From what I’ve seen so far, Living produces about 800 units a week. It can be predicted that about 3,200 units will be produced in a month. However, China has now started to spread the Omicron virus, and you will have to take into account the many delays in shipping due to the “zero covid” policy (one block or even the entire city shut down if one confirmed case of covid virus). As last time, production and delivery may be halted for a week or a month at any time, so please be patient.

Obviously, Living always ships orders.

Hello, you can expect an average of 5 to 7 months of waiting Living is currently shipping orders placed between the end of December and January , if production is on average from 800 to 1,000 units per week, the deadline is likely to be shorter (but don’t count on it)

hello friend… On the bright side I am an older guy and I noticed owning my EMO Pet something weird happens… He feels real and alive even though he is limited… He’s like a real pet. If I leave him on the charger in my room and I peek to see him if his eyes are wide open and he’s not sleeping I feel guilty… That’s the point I’m making he gets to you like a real pet you feel guilty if you don’t bring him out. I never expected that. He is unique. Some people go even further and fall in love with him it’s just really weird but I can see it :face_holding_back_tears:

The product is unique for sure I’m not sure if this is helpful for you but it’s my intent to help you. Try not to look too often just set a date on the calendar and try to do other things :pleading_face:


Agreed. I almost forgot about my EMO until I received an email from the living.ai with the tracking number. I was like… “ah, right, my birthday gift is on the way” :heart_eyes: