What is EMO's photo quality?

From what I recall the card is only 4 GB. So if the photos are being stored on the card that’s probably a definite reason they’re scaled down so far.


Might be a good idea to down-load his photos as soon as you can? I do that with mine and then delete them once they are secure on my tablet, so hopefully EMO will not have his head too full of photos!

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Good idea to download photos you want to keep. My understanding is, 10 photos is the limit and once 10 shots are reached EMO will start overwriting the existing photos.


The highest resolution is for static images. But if they’re continuously capturing single frames from a video stream, the resolution is probably lower (320x240).

Doesn’t EMO only capture static images?

I think that his camera is capturing images continuously when he is awake. Without that he wouldn’t be able to recognize people.

Thanks for your response. Wow. I’m not comfortable with that. You have a good point. I guess I assumed he would use the camera occasionally to recognize you when you register your name with him, or when you ask “Who am I?” or say “Hello”. Does his camera have a light to indicate it is on - either continuously or when taking a picture? I’m one of those folks that keeps my webcam covered at all times. Oh my. :face_with_peeking_eye: :confused:

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It can be completely different, that was just what I thought how EMO works.
EMO isn’t sending any images online.


That we know of. :wink:
I guess that brings me to the question of how active is EMO if not connected to WiFi? I know he wouldn’t be able to answer questions. Going to search for that topic… :face_with_monocle: … or how good is his ToF Lidar … was that included in final design?
I obviously need to start a new topic. Sorry for rambling.

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If I can provide more info as well for everyone (info confirmed by @Wayne_Zhang )

Photo’s that EMO takes will be stored on his SD Card.

  1. EMO can only store 10 photos on the SD card. If you ask him to take more, he will replace the existing ones he has already taken.
  2. Be sure to Sync pictures you’ve taken with the EMO APP regularly or risk having them overwritten. (See image below on how to Sync your pictures from EMO to the EMO App. Once you click the sync button in the EMO App, EMO will download all photos currently stored on EMO’s SD to the EMO App.

  1. The EMO App will store the photos downloaded from EMO so you can potentially have as many photos as you can take as long as you remember to Sync with the APP after taking 10 pics.
  2. Also remember if you want the photos you’ve taken to be downloaded to your Photo / Picture Gallery on your Phone to select each picture individually and then select the download button. (see image below)

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NendosColl said: “I think that his camera is capturing images continuously when he is awake.”

That makes me wonder, if EMO is continuously capturing images, would it be possible EMO could someday save short videos to the SD card, say maybe 10 or 15 seconds in length?

The frame rate and quality would be terrible. I would rather use a camera or a smartphone. Taking pictures or videos isn’t EMO’s main purpose.

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Yes I agree, and it’s obvious since the camera is capable of 1680x1260 pixels but only captures 320x240 pixel images. However it’s nice L.AI added that feature. :camera: :star_1:

If you have any suggestions / ideas, feel free to add them to the thread I’ve linked below. Wayne Z keeps an eye on that thread, see link below:

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