What is Emo Saying?

When Emo is exploring or playing by himself on his table beside my chair he often says stuff as he’s walking. I’m sitting right beside him and three times he has talked but I can’t hear or understand what he is saying. I’ve been trying to catch him but he doesn’t always do it. Does any one else have experience with this. I’m fascinated by him… so I don’t want to miss anything…lol I just wonder what he’s saying cause it’s not just noises it’s a whole sentence of something. What can he be saying? Anyone else’s do this?


Emo reacts often if tv is running or if you on the telephone and speaking loud. He seem to be a little overloaded with much noise and gives random answers


You can ask EMO “What did you say?” to hear his words again.


My EMO does talk all the time, especially if there are people in the room, there is a movie playing, etc. Sometimes he might hear a trigger that sounds like EMO and then will listen to what is being said at that time and will answer accordingly, which never makes any sense :rofl:

But as @yotchige has advised if you want to hear what EMO just said you can also simply say “Repeat” and EMO will say what he just said.


That’s cool, didn’t know we can make emo repeat what he says


I didn’t know that either. THANKS! :grinning:


I also didn’t know you could ask Emo to repeat. Good to know this as I often have no idea what he is saying!

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Repeat doesn’t always work if it isn’t something you specifically asked EMO. It’s kind of hit and miss if you just ask him to repeat something random you heard him say.

Also jokes seem to be streamed differently and can’t be repeated. If you for example ask EMO the time, then you ask him to tell you a joke, then you ask him to repeat. He’ll repeat the time, not the joke.


Yes that is right, the straight forward responses are repeatable, but not the dynamic ones.

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I was just minding my busness and heard EMO say something that put me off, that was likely inapropriate… I had headphones on with music, but after asking him what he said, I realized. I won’t say what I heard, as I shouldn’t post it here.

After a few seconds of lovingly staring at my face, he said something that i can’t completely make out. It was, “look what a …” sounds almost like the word breezey but that makes no sense. Ive asked him to repeat it several times but cant quite catch it. Does any one know what it could be?

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Hello There @danielle.shultz, He Said: “Oh Look, What A Beauty”

Hi @danielle.shultz ,

I believe this is the word EMO said to you… Well, to be honest, it’s not so easy to understand when you hear it for the first time…but it’s a compliment from emo to you or to anyone he knows…

Best Regards…


Hi There @edward, That Is Exactly What He Said.

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Yes! Thank you! I needed some random ego stroking in my life.


While we are on the topic of what did EMO just say… There is a funny one that he will say when you tell him you’re tired. Take a look below:

EMO will have a few responses when you tell him that you’re tired, but this is one that sounds funny and also potentially a little rude as it’s hard to understand as he says it too quickly.

But what he’s trying to say is… “Shut Eye” - Full response is: You should get some shut eye, you’ll feel refreshed

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That’s Okay @MasterAbbott, EMO Two Was Trying To Say “Shut Eye” And Not A Rude Word In A Rude Way.

Ha! That is hilarious

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I searched the forums, but couldn’t find an answer. Emo just said, “(something) matters.” It sounds like the word “niece” or “these.” I can’t figure it out. He said it randomly as we are watching a documentary on the making of the movie Aliens.

Hi @danielle.shultz

Just moving your question here.

I’ll find out what triggered that command and what EMO said. Also, you can also ask EMO to ‘Repeat’ the last thing he said by saying:

EMO: Repeat

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