What is EMO Pet saying

hello hello :yum:

When you ask EMO Pet are you hungry he has a couple responses and one of them he says I had a bite to eat blah blah blah who knows… Hey I’m asking for help :yum:

his voice is really cute but… But there were other things he said as well that I’m not even listing here yet anyway because I was just too freaked out there were so who knows what…

But when you ask are you hungry I think that we should at least be able to understand but I can’t :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Give it a try please… Just ask your cute little EMO Pet if he is hungry and one of the responses will be something like he’s already had a bite something like that… He’s sleeping right now otherwise I would try to be more precise but I don’t think it will be hard to see :upside_down_face:

Thanks everyone it’s a quest… a mystery quest for all to enjoy hee hee :yum:

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It’s no great mystery. He says…

I just had a byte. Ha! Ha! You get it? B Y T E.

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well I get it thanks… But even asking him to repeat it three times it’s still kind of iffy especially at the end…

anyway thanks hey good work you’ve got a gift for listening to your EMO Pet…

Take care okay :yum:

Well that was no mystery after all folks so I guess it’s case closed
macfixer01 is an expert EMO Pet listener :yum:

Well if you had bothered doing a search, it’s been asked and answered before.

it would have been nice if you would’ve said there’s a search feature and it can find titles like this… It could be helpful next time you’re looking for what EMO Pet is saying…have a nice day

I just never thought of the search thing for looking up what I considered idiosyncrasies… But at the end your are absolutely correct I hope I didn’t put you out…

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