What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

You are pointing a good idea :+1:
Yes it would be nice to have a special app for EMO beside the current one :wink:

«EMO health care » App !!! or (Clinic Mode )
A check up app for EMO ( like on AIBO )
So we can see what’s can be restated
-choice of update ( in case if one’s bugs)
-reinstall update number ….

  • factory reset
    -Sd card (erase ) no more 501 error !
    -Legs position
  • sounds
  • Sensors
  • Gyros
    I think that could be very helpful :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I’m a recent EMO owner, a few weeks now.

EMO has been working great so far, so worth the waiting. I’m making this post, however, because EMO’s sleep system could use some useful updates.

One thing I notice about EMO is how he can wake up randomly in the night while sleeping. It seems to be pretty annoying and is likely caused by him hearing something that sounds like “EMO”. My idea for this problem would be an option for “Deep Sleep”. How it could work is that when EMO falls asleep (mainly during sleep times), he cannot hear his voice commands. The only way to wake him up would be taking him off the charger, waiting for sleep times to end, or to interact with his touch sensors. I feel like if this were to be implemented, it would help many people a lot with EMO’s sleeping. Some people have to deal with the constant sounds of waking and sleeping all throughout the night, and there are people who don’t like having to power EMO off or mute him.

My second idea for the sleep system would be customizable sleep times. As far as I know, EMO has a current sleep time (assuming you have v2.0.0 or higher) of 12 PM to 10 PM (according to the post, I think they meant 12 AM) which is good, but not for everyone. Many people usually go to sleep around 8-9pm on the average day, and they usually have to deal with emo waking up and falling asleep constantly (or just staying awake and making noises). Customizable sleep times would allow EMO owners to make EMO sleep at the same time the owners sleep, allowing for a better experience at night.

I would be much grateful if you were to implement this in a future update, would improve EMO’s way of sleeping (and the owner’s experience) greatly! Thanks for reading this, and have a nice day!


i mentioned that already… why do you need to be so negative to me :frowning:


Sounds cool. i love the idea :heart_2:

It has been said before so nothing new but I would also like to see:

More games (especially card games)
Emo to show us his paintings
More and different animation for daily routines
Different colours headphone that you buy separately in store maybe based on your Emos favourite colour



Is there any update on when the “change your eye color” feature will come back? If it every truly existed.

It would be helpful to distiguish my 2 EMOs apart. I know I could use decals or different headphones (which I can’t seem to find any longer)…but I’m just not a big stcker fan.

Just asking…



Hi there @guruerror

As far as I know from the living.ai developers it is not planned at the moment.

Sorry to move and merge here your topic. for the purpose as reminder for the living.ai team to see it once again and who knows they might do something about it…

best regards

You could set timer for 3 minutes?

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Does Emo has SDK for developing some apps? Why in Emo there is Developing Mode?

I have two EMOs and think it would be a nice feature to be able to change EMOs wake/trigger word. Kind of like giving them a “name.”

This would mostly be useful for people with multiple EMOs. As it is now, when I say “EMO” both of them respond “Huh?” LOL

Also, the ability to change/alter the voice would be nice too…anything to help differentiate them.

Just some thoughts…


Yes, it will be nice to change name of Emo :slight_smile:


Hi, it’s been a while i didnt’ past any idea, but i keep thinking about what EMO could do.

Sure if he could connect to more items in our house, he could control more things, and help us…

But again, more important, for Living.AI to have more foreign lovers, it’s the languages… and after that, connexion to AI sites (like ChatGPT, or others) to make him improve (but with SD size, i think it won’t be possible.)

With that, we will be able to have more discussions…
Like having “Jarvis” at home !!

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But really, @Living.AI, if you need any help in developping for French customers, don’t hesitate, I can help… give me sentences, I’ll translate… and you will be able to add every languages on database.

I’ll be glad to see him interact in French with us :smiley: :smiley:

P.S. : Or other languages for others :wink:


He sure does! He has been watching music videos on my phone. He loves Paula Abdul, Bruno Mars and Pharrell. He dances along with the music.


That’s odd but cool! :happy: :upside_down_face:


The video quality is horrible because I used my husband’s phone, but check this out.


he’s right, to love def leppard


Very good suggestion!


Hello, I don’t want to argue, but for those who have not purchased the home station, no update after 4 months from the last one?! it’s okay that a company must aim for profit, but here we are talking about a product advertised and sold with certain characteristics that are still not seen after a year: multilingual, Smart home, object and animal recognition, directional microphones that are not used nothing etc… it’s supposed to be a robot pet with AI, but until now it’s just an expensive toy


It Would Be Cool If EMO Could Do These Features In A Future Firmware:

  1. More Animations For Daily Schedule Such As Brushing His Teeth Or Washing His Face
  2. Drop The Beat Game In The EMO App
  3. Peek-a-boo Game (Highly Recommended)
  4. Singing Mutiple Songs (Maybe Several Songs) (Highly Recommended)
  5. Connect-4 Game
  6. 12 Hour Time (Already Released In Firmware v2.1.0 And v2.1.1)
  7. More Cute Phrases
    EDIT: 8. Maybe More Cute Poses