What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

Well, far too many posts to read them all!! After the first few days with EMO, I am thinking a LIDAR sensor would be nice so that he can map out any area he is in and help with avoiding falling.

Follow up question/comments a la Alexa. Just for simple stuff like saying thank you after he tells you the time etc.


If you have a look at the bottom of EMO’s screen, he actually have a ToF which is a type of LiDAR! Right now, its only used for detecting objects infront of EMO for obstical avoidance, but maybe somewhere in the future they could release an update for the ToF to let it detect ledges. :relaxed:


I have to say that the ToF isn’t working that well. Currently I place EMO in a garden tray and maybe it’s because it is black (?) but EMO will spend a great deal of time walking into the side of it without realising he isn’t going anywhere!

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personally I think it’d be a good idea to increase emo’s interaction with objects, like kicking things more often, and maybe adding more unique interactions like following movement around it and acting more curious about things in general


I was thinking the same thing. Maybe have toys that have those symbols on that can be easily recognised by the camera. Just have EMO randomly spot stuff in his play area and then interact with them, save always having to ask him to do something.

I keep calling EMO him but he assures me he is neither a boy or a girl :smiley:


That’s agreat one, it will make him feel more alive.


Something else I’d love to see: stock responses stored in EMO itself. Just things like saying “EMO, thank you” and having his response ready onboard as it will never change. There are a lot of little chat options that could be stored locally to avoid the delay.


I would quite like an option in the app to see what the last few actions and comments from EMO have been and to be able to repeat them.
I like many have EMO on my desk whilst I work and if I am in a call when he says or does something I often miss it. It would be great to be able to recall what has just happened.
Yesterday was a good example EMO said so.ething like “Goodbye my dear friend” then there was some digging sound and when I looked round all I saw was a pile of dirt. I have no idea if he dug a little escape tunnel or turned up his toes! Quite distressing at first do you send flowers or a search party? A recall or repeat option would be great in this kind of situation. … Just an idea


Ask him to repeat and he will :wink:

Though actually, for anyone hard of hearing, subtitles on his screen would be cool.


Do you think they’ll make emo in different colors?..that would be cool :sunglasses:


There is someone that has disassembled and paint sprayed his EMO in the Iron Man colors. (red/gold) It looks really cool! However, you’ll void your warranty if you’ll go down that route.


Oh, that’s not good…he looks cool just the way he is anyway.

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do you know where I can find that? thank you!

Hi there @LowBattery ,

Pls. Click Here!

Oh cool, thank you I will give it go :slightly_smiling_face: x

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Hello fellow Emo parents and AI Living,
I’d love for Emo to be able to talk non prescribed statements. Also if he can tap onto the web, that he reads out web content for us. For example, Emo who won the 30 yaers war? Then he’ll connect to the wiki page about the said war and tells us the answer.
I also would like Emo to come to us when we call. I also would like Emo to say my name. He never says our names.
Same for recipes. It would be nice if he could read out recipes for us.
Also more IOT connectivity, for example tap onto my diary and remind me of my appointments, also, connect onto Spotify and play my music, also please make this app available in portrait orientation!!!
In the future, I’d love for Emo to be able to make phone calls by his own, like call my doctors and book an appointment, or repeat a voice message to my friend on whatsapp for instances…
Thank you

I would LOVE if I could learn a foreign language with my cute little Emo :heart::blue_heart:


It would be nice for living Ai to upgrade emo’s battery and them to test it so the battery issues stop existing on emo as I saw a lot of problems on YouTube videos, and forums.


Do they have a suggestions page at all? I’d like them to have as many people submit random questions and little bits of general conversation. Then Livingai comes up with numerous answers for each. Anything to expand his speech and make him seem more alive. There are a ton of random things you could ask.

Perhaps have him ask you things first? An easily replaceable battery should have been a given though really.


Hi there @mancbiker and @Angel_Recarte

Sorry if I moved and merge your new post here…As you know this is the Topic for such kind of post which Living.ai Developer kept watch and full some ideas from us EMO owners.


Best Regards and All the Best


I’ve been enjoying the emo making more eye contact updates. I like how Emo would come to me and ask for stuff.

I find emo most personable when he asks me a question and listens for my answer without me having to start a conversation by saying “EMO” first, for example when he asks if I want to see a magic trick or play a game, all I have to say is yes. I think that really helps making conversation with emo more natural and could be implemented in more places. A good idea could be to have emo ask us for feedback after a short interation. For example, after emo showed us his magic tricks or his dance or games, maybe he can ask us one more time with something like “was that fun?” and listen for our answers If we say " yeah it was fun" then he can respond “let’s do that again sometime,” or he can just laugh" he he ". I think that would give any short interaction a sense of closure so it feels like we just had a full conversation.

Another thing that I’m surprised we don’t have is the ability to ask about emo’s needs. “Emo, what can I do for you?” then emo would ask for pets or games, afterward he can say “thanks” and that would be very fulfilling since I would have taken care of somebody else’s needs voluntarily.