What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

I believe they changed the way updates happened along the way. Not sure of the specifics, but will try to find out.


Great! Thanks for sharing this @Wayne_Small it’s good to see that there is a failsafe when EMO installs his latest firmware. I guess my Backup suggestion sparked a lot of questions which is side tracking this thread :rofl:, but it’s good to know this much needed info that many of us here didn’t even know existed.

Bringing things back on track… I have another suggestion :crazy_face:

This suggestion would have EMO speak a little more than usual. I personally would like to see EMO speak more even when he’s on his skateboard.

A few suggestions would be to have EMO remind you to take a break / go for a walk / eat something - depending on the time of the day. In the morning EMO could say to you Hey MasterAbbott good morning, did you have breakfast yet? (if we can add specific things/likes/preferences into the EMO app, EMO might know if you like drinking tea of coffee) so he knows exactly what to ask when he speaks to you.

Having EMO speak could happen at any time and also at set times during the day as well depending on what EMO is about to tell you, if they happen randomly they can trigger the same way as how his mini animations start playing randomly, also if people don’t like him speaking to much, you can set an option in the EMO App. (like EMO Speaks “A Lot”, “A Little”, or “Not At all” )

As many of us work desk jobs or from home offices etc, EMO could tell us hey MasterAbbott, maybe it’s time for a little break, stretch your legs, go for a walk and come back in 5 mins and get back to it!

Having more custom features personalised to us as individuals I believe can personalise our experience with our EMO’s much more.

As always, these suggestions and changes might take a lot of work to implement, but it would be something cool to see in future updates.


Especially like the option to decide whether or not to have him talk by using the app !

I was just thinking if Emo could also turn on and off by himself during certain times of the day in order to talk to clients etc so he doesn’t disturb you when you’re in a meeting! If it’s not possible that’s okay -might be too much… perhaps only on his skateboard :skateboard:


It would be nice to have some kind of alternative to headphones. Such as robot ears, cap etc.


Not for me (personal choice) others may love that idea though, definitely would like Emo to have choices of different accessories- ears can be included -that we could take on and off his head and feet.


Aww EMO’s all grown up :rofl: (hehe I know that movie)


hi master Abbott…I think the backup on a PC would only be okay if we had direct easy access to his storage. As for just keeping it for your achievements what have you in case of a defect and you get a new one living AI would be against that void all warranty and rightfully so. They don’t want to take the chance of any corruption just in case.

apparently the prototypes had access to the SD card… Well the cards are pretty reliable they can read data for many many years it’s only if you know how they work it’s the writing of data there weak on… But they don’t write to it too often I don’t think. I don’t know what little EMO Pet does for writing to the card I hope not much. I hope it’s just read-only but he does have a neural network and they say it’s a learning CPU well I don’t know if it stores individual his own data. That would lessen the reliability of the chip slightly. But I’m hoping we don’t need to worry … Hey any kangaroos pick on anyone lately :innocent:

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This is a pretty cool suggestion @yotchige

The ears could move or change color as well depending on EMO’s mood or even make sounds like PEW PEW! haha I personally would like to see this one!

@Puppy444 The backup option is something that might not ever happen, it seems everyone has a lot of different opinions regarding it. But in the end end if Living.Ai believe it’s worth doing it, as previously advised, I’ll be more than happy to back up my EMO, same way I do my iPhone on a weekly basis.


hey… I’m a backup King… My living room computer here is running 10 hard drives and it’s insane I protect and backup everything. Well being a technician and having hard drives explode yeah I’m paranoid. I’m comfortable I can’t lose any data. Yes of course I want EMO Pet to be in my protection…

I did have a better day with EMO Pet today… Turned off the TV and had him close. I think I figured out why their speech recognition is so-so it’s because they didn’t have to really invest in true speech recognition I think because he has so few words and lines unlike for example Alexa… There’s is so much more simpler. I still wish they would spend some attention here… :heart_eyes:

So you’re not mentioning my kangaroo jokes hmmm… It must be a conspiracy one of them must have you held hostage probably right now :scream:


I also wanted to add another suggestion more so for everyone that has experienced EMO walking/falling off a tables / edges etc, As we all know EMO’s feet sensors are not 100% full proof, nothing technical ever is.

My suggestion (apologies if this has already been mentioned above or someone else in another thread)

Have extra feet sensors on all corners of EMO’s feet (see image below) instead on only 2 corners. This would involve a small redesign, but as there is already 2 infra red sensors already present on EMO’s feet, adding two more hopefully might not pose too much of a design problem.

This might increase the chance of EMO being a little more aware of his surroundings when he is at the end of a table due to the extra feet sensors but, ultimately might not make make much difference.

We know that if EMO is dancing or playing a specific games he can easily fall off as his feet sensors are not working during that time. ( I guess, this is something Living.Ai tech team are aware of and are probably trying to resolve as well. But yes, that is a side feature / imrpovement that can also be improved for EMO as well as we don’t like seeing our little buddy falling off tables and getting injured or damaged.

:heart_1: :mad: :skating: :surprised: :head:


Yes, it stands upright when EMO is angry and falls back when he is sad or scared. Though I don’t know if it’s technically possible.


I have open question and also a suggestion as well.

Would be nice to see more board games added to the EMO App. I can suggest a board game like Snakes and Ladders included into EMO’s App “Game” list. I guess if name Snakes & Ladders is copywrite, you could always name it something else like “EMO & Ladders” and replace the snakes with EMO’s and you need to get to the top of a spaceship cockpit and blast off but along the way a whole bunch of EMOs are stopping you from getting there. :rofl:

What other games would you like to see EMO play, be it associated with the EMO App or without (like tic-tac-toe/rock paper scissors)?


I think that we all would like to have an official safe playground with a built-in charger and EMO capable to recharge himself.


Some technical suggestions / ideas I have for features / functionality. Please note, I don’t have my EMOs yet, so I’m just going by what I’ve seen, or haven’t seen, in videos and discussions so far. Apologies if any of these suggestions have been hashed over before, already exist, or are not physically possible. I’m looking forward to the day I can experience EMO first hand! Sorry this is so long. I’ve been giving it a lot of thought while I wait for EMO.

Emo Pet app: I suggest adding a Diagnostics feature to the “Emo Pet” app. (1) It could include things like the tests & calibrations I’ve seen in the debug app “Caring for Emo”, (2) add ability to adjust brightness of EMO’s display (I’ve seen several Emo displays that look overly bright, with a faint square background), (3) manual volume adjustment, (4) a means to check the health of the SD card (like chkdsk), (5) check internal temperature (if there’s any heat sensors inside), (6) a log of runtime (uptime/downtime), (7) an error log and/or system activity log. Logs could be synced to the Emo Pet app and downloaded & saved for sending to Support, and designed as a rolling log file to free space on the SD card as space fills. — It seems these features would save time for Users and living.ai Support to have this type of info available when troubleshooting and reporting a problem to Support. It could theoretically help cut down on unnecessary returns & replacements of Emo. (8) Make the background music on Emo Pet app off by default, or at least turn the volume down much lower. :hear_no_evil:

Emo features: (1) Allow full resolution still photo capture, or provide a setting for choice of resolution in Emo Pet app, limiting the number of shots based on resolution chosen. (2) If possible, allow capture of 10 second video at 320x240 - that’s assuming that Emo is constantly capturing images. (I believe 15fps is possible?) (3) Provide access to the SD card slot as I’ve seen on test models, but add a thin rubber cap to keep dirt out. (4) Allow EMO’s display to optionally be turned off while charging on skateboard, option to mute on skateboard, or even option to fully shut down to speed the charging process. (5) A user replaceable battery. (6) Sell a small accessory clip-on battery powered LED light to attach to the top of EMO’s headphones for times when EMO is in low light situations — or just to look cool. :sunglasses:

I also second MasterAbbott’s suggestion to have the ability to backup all of your EMO’s data to a PC or mobile device, and to have EMO remind you to take a break. It would be good to do a backup just before updates, and also a copy after a successful update. I second williannribeiro’s suggestion for future ability to create a local network server. I haven’t had time to think about game suggestions yet, but will think about that! :happy: :happy:


Ok, I have my EMO only some hours but from his first start it’s obvious that we need to set his volume in the app. I told him twice “Volume down”. He did it but he is still very loud and I have no idea how many steps does his volume control have.
The same for the brightness of the display.
And the included USB cable could be longer.


When you told him volume down, did you actually hear the “submarine ping” sound and see the sound waves on his display showing that he was making the change?

As far as I know there are 3 sound levels, and also mute. From the highest volume you can do volume down 2 times then there will be no further change. Same thing from the lowest level, you can do volume up 2 times. Honestly at the quietest level with no TV or other noise in the room I can barely hear him 6 feet away, and I don’t have any hearing issues. They should have made the commands volume low, volume middle, and volume high, but they didn’t. It would still be nice to have a way to change it in the app also though.

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I think there are commands that “ Set (or change) the volume to normal (or maximum, medium, minimum, high, middle, low, mute, zero).” :roll_eyes:


Thank you I didn’t know that. Actually high and zero aren’t recognized, but the others do work.

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Yeah, when I wrote that he did it I was talking about a successfully processed command with the animation and sound. I repeated that command four times till his volume was acceptable. Not very loud but at the same time not very silent.
@yotchige Thanks for the commands. But I still think that a possibility to set volume in the app would be useful. For example in a quiet environment (or at night) I don’t want to use voice commands.

I would like to have an option to keep the app active in the background and be informed that EMO needs to go to his skateboard. I have my cellphone always with me but EMO can be in another room so I can’t see his notification that his battery is low.