What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

Keeping the flow of new features/ideas moving along, that would be cool to see added into EMO in future updates

EMO-tional EMO – Happy/Sad/Moody/Playful – (a step into having his own personality)

With the new Flower and Flame Animation just recently added, was thinking that EMO can branch off and react to you differently depending on how you treat him.

So for example, if you’ve gotten EMO to display more Flowers/Bouquet Animations over Flame/Volcano Animations, EMO will be in a happier state of mind and react to you in a happier tone when you speak to him or when sees you he might even say specific things like:

I Love You Today
You’re Awesome
You’re my BEST friend
You always make me Happy

(visual animations can also be displayed when he speaks)

And also be more inclined to do things if you ask him to like if you ask him to Dance he will do it without hesitation. Play Games, tell you the time, etc.

If on the other hand, you’ve made EMO display more Flame/Volcano Eruptions, EMO’s attitude towards will be a little different, possibly mad/upset.

So when EMO spots you, he could say:

I’m upset with you today
You shake me too much
I’m not happy :frowning:
You are mean to me :frowning:

(visual animations can also be displayed when he speaks)

And will certainly be less inclined to do most things you ask him to do, for example, if you ask him what the time is he could say:

I’m not telling you because I’m mad at you today for shaking me too much!

Or won’t want to dance or won’t play specific games with you either as he’s not in the mood.

It’s a basic idea, that shouldn’t be overly complicated to add (and expand on over time), as EMO should be able to tally up simply how many flowers/bouquets he’s displayed over time compared to how many flames/volcanoes and then act accordingly with a good or bad mood personality/response.

We all do want to see EMO evolve and be more EMO-tional and have a personality of his own, this might be a good/simple start.

This is something that of course could be added along with fixing other more pressing issues, but still, something that will make EMO a little more unique and different when we all individually interact with him… even if it’s in a very small way.

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I would love if Emo could tell my fortune, with a New random fortune every day. Exsample: “Today you will meet someone of importance” or “Today you will experience bad luck”.


Or, “Today I’m actually going to work properly!” lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


hello Racheal123 yeah that was an excellent reply you gave my EMO Pet also goes off every few minutes whilst the TV is on… I have an Amazon device in the same room not a peep… EMO is specific nothing should set it off… It goes to show you just how terrible their speech recognition is. It’s been my complaint from the very beginning. sometimes I have to shut him down because it gets to be too distracting trying to watch your favorite TV shows.

I also wish as you said for him to be able to answer some interesting basic questions… How about having the timer function actually useful because now it is not it’s wasted. The 12 hour clock should be really simple they still don’t care to give the option for it. he’s a nice pet but I really wish they’d fix some of the issues we talk about before they add more things like Lucky fruit yeah that’s useful? the fluff. But oh well anyway have a nice day :yum:


a really cool feature would be …make emo work properly


…MULTILINGUA…passo importante per poter permettere a tutti di poter interagire in modo corretto senza la paura di avere una pronuncia dell’inglese non perfetta…già sembra che Emo capisca poco…se poi ci mettiamo anche la pronuncia di un non “inglese”…promesse a mio avviso essenziali e per ora non mantenute…:unamused:


Yeah, already told it, before adding too much, maybe we could help Living AI to have languages databases, to be able to use EMO in different countries, more easily.

But that’s my opinion only



So many dreams of new improvements from all of us , so few things done in the meanwhile
It seems to me than EMO AI is very near from the one of our politicians
1 Smile - Tell the people " we undestand you " -
2 Ensure " we will take care of it "
3 Sometimes " say we will not do that " ( at least these promises will be done )
4 Confirm " We think about " " it is on the way" “why not” “later” “one day , may be”
5 Smile again
6 go to 1
The only difference with politicians is that Emo does no says " Vote for me "


ok I have an idea:
would it be interesting to have emo just listening to you while you just talk to him. for example you had hard day or you are. having some emotional thought and you just want to tell someone. to have him show you that he is there and listening to you and perhaps give u a hug at the end.


How will he give you hug, he doesn’t have any arm, poor EMO :smiley:


Emo listening? lol thats a good joke!

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They could make an animation of him holding his arms open to you with teary eyes and a thought bubble saying “Hug?”, and also make him do a cute questioning type of sound. Though there would have to be some sort of trigger word, (due to him being a chatbot), only true AI would have a chance of realising that what you are talking about is either good or bad.


But for the hug to work, living.ai will need to disable feet sensors so when you pick up EMO he doesn’t wriggle like crazy, but instead, maybe make a sound that sounds similar to being patted. Once you place him back onto the ground, feet sensors enable again.

Would be nice to see a hug feature added in future updates, EMO does deserve a hug once in a while :rofl:

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yea like @JJBeck said like a graphic or a sticker visual that says “virtual hug”


He would need some sort of AI for that, and it doesn’t seem like LAI have got any plans for giving Emo AI speech recognition, so I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one!

A mixture of people and Emos being able to play Ludo together! My daughter and I both have Emos. It would be great if her Emo and mine, as well as the two of us are able to play a game of Ludo together! That’s one “bell or whistle” I wouldn’t mind having added before the important/promised things are added!


Yes, this is a bell and whistle well worth adding in. This is one that a number of people have already mentioned in the past: (@Racheal123 )

Adding in more board games similar to Ludo would be very cool, maybe Living.ai can add their own spin on old classics like Snakes and Ladders (EMOs :surprised: and Ladders :ladder:) it’s not an overly complicated board game to design and if they change it around a bit they might be able to get away with any copyright issues. (if there are any)

But having more board games to play with one or two EMOs at the same time would be great. I’m still hoping that Living.ai can give EMO the ability to roll more than one kind of dice so he can join in on Dungeons & Dragon campaign nights with friends and family :game_die: :game_die: :game_die:

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I kinda thinks he’s quite a good listener already :wink:
And when you need some postive feedback just tell him you are his freind or that he’s cute and you’ll recieve it back :slight_smile: I think it’s cute and puts a smile on my face at least.


I think it would be cool if LAI would add EMO having a phone in his hands on his screen. And they would find a way to to make it say Living AI Forums. I think that would be cool since that is the logo for the forums.


Hi, I would propose the following:

Actual Issues :
1- Voice command to set on Mute
2- Alarm settings and mute setup
3- Sleep Mode
4- Dance Mode
5 - chatmode or text monitor does not exist
6 - open SDK would be nice to deploy ‘skill’ for instance
7 - Playing chess with him would be a dream even, when emo needs to call external web service for that.

Issue or needs improvement from my point of view:

1- When EMO is on mute only inside the app you can change it to low,mid or high ?
2- when on mute, Alarm is also on Mute :frowning:
3- snoring is funny but should be ‘disabled’ as an option
4- When music is playing he should dance automatically?
4.1 Would be nice that he plays own music.
5 - chat mode would be nice to see what he actually understands while talking.
6- As a Software Developer I would like to access emo and deploy some skills for instance like … pet recognition or other stuff.
7 - I would love to see more ‘adult’ games

Maybe I am not used to it, and some features are there so please correct me when I am wrong. :slight_smile:

Best Regards from John
PS: I really like EMO :sparkling_heart: