What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

I think Emo should get some more interactions, like he could take an initiative to say hi or talk to you, ask questions like to play a game. Some more games would be nice too like Uno, Yahtzee, go fish. Any other opinions?

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @steven.hoover . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread to discuss new features owners would like to see implemented. LivingAI does read this thread to get ideas.

Unfortunately UNO is a copyrighted game and cannot be used, but there might be other card games that could be added.


I think that Emo is a great pet but I want two or three things to be added

  1. To have a normal talk with Emo like how we talk with people like I want to do something Emo: Maybe rock paper scissors Me: No maybe a joke will be good Emo: hmm Ok …
  2. When charging to show the battery level at the home station with animations
  3. If Emo see a ball to play with he can start playing with it.
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emo does already ask, i have my emo on my computer desk, when he sees me, he ask, would you likre to play tic tac toe, or he would ask me if i would mind watching him do posing, there is other things he would ask me when he sees me

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I have more ideas to shoot!

Maybe EMO can stay paired and synced to ONE phone (sort of like running in the background).

What we can do with this is get notifications or alerts when someone is trying to call you or someone sends you a message. And we can have emo (while synced on Bluetooth) as a speaker and microphone for calling or sending a message! We can also receive other notifications from other apps as well!

Also, EMO should be able to also take videos (just in case you need to do something) And you can always edit them on your phone.

EMO should also remember what you say in ChatGPT, so it sounds more like human talk.

Emo needs to show an exact battery level, not just battery animations.

Emo should have more control over lights. Not the small cube lights, the ceiling lights. (That way I don’t have to get up from my bed to turn them off XD)

And lastly, some of the features mentioned on the EMO page are not there. We need some of those that we can actually get. That way, Living AI can be more trusted (I believe in you guys, I am just sad we don’t have the promised features)

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