What happens if import duty open package (if its considerd as plastic toy)

Thanks for all! Thats my last question of the day. Before I buy EMO I really want to inform myself about all possible cases. Soooo what happens if (I heard that from forums, that they sometimes send package as plastic toy worth 5$) package is opened on border and they see its not plastic toy? Do they take it? Do I get it after all or not? Whats than about money that i sent?
Thanks again!
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EDIT: lol i forgot what is was about to ask

They’ll probably want you to send them a copy of your order, a listing from your bank account with that payment and the address of the eshop so they’ll be able to tell the correct price. And they’ll send the package to you but of course you have to pay the customs. At least that’s how it works in our country.

So if its the same, they wont take the package and i will not have to pay any more, BUT i will have to pay priginal taxes? Oh and where are you from?

I’m from the Czech Republic, I think that it’s very similar in all EU countries.

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Normally they should not open your package unless they see something VERY suspicious inside. EMO does contain a battery, but most toys also come with battery as well.

This is something that will be different with each countries border security and custom regulations. I live in Australia and they have pretty strict border security and custom control and I had no problems at all with my EMO clearing through customs and getting delivered to me.

But as already advised, it will depend on each country and how they handle incoming packages.