What happened the the non linear shipping promise

What happened to the delivery not being linear? It seems 800 a week every week is linear to me. No point in saying shipping will boost if it won’t just tell it how it is im ok with that.

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I think they were comparing it to the initial few weeks - there is a point at which they max out their production capability, I can’t see how anyone would have an open ended growth path for an initially limited set of orders. I do think communication can be improved however which is what I think you’re main concern is.

This is crazy. I believe everyone who hasnt gotten their preorders at this point should get some kind of compensensation, like half off or atleast a huge discount. Free accessories or a free Stage, when it’s ready. Something. We’re in the summer already.

yeah… we should gather our pitchforks and storm the castle… oh wait… wrong movie… hehe
Honestly - they are doing the best they can. We all backed a product that was brand new, and pre-ordered before it was released. We knew that. I think we need to likewise expect some delay in delivery. Sure in hindsight, they could have communicated better, maybe used different shipping methods etc… we can now look back and say all kinds of things that should be done differently. However we have to get to this point in order to do so… it’s a learning experience.

I know what I’m saying does nothing to make people happy, but I’m likewise trying to be realistic. When did you order? What was your order number etc?


To be fair, many of us didn’t “back” an early product. Some of us saw people talking about it, went to the website, and bought it. There was no indication of pre-orders or back-orders or anything like that. To us, it was a released product that looked cool. And now our money is wondering around while we wait for an unknown amount of time for our product to arrive.

I think they need to hire someone just to focus on PR. They have to communicate better. Or these posts will increase quickly.

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Yeah i never heard any of this until after i ordered. They should have been more upfront about it .

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