What can we expect when EMO gets Alexa or Google Support?

Opening up this thread to get everyone’s opinion on what you think EMO will be able to do, and how he will change (for the better or worse) when Alexa or Google Support is added.

Checking the EMO page: https://living.ai/emo/ (it shows the following).

Who is looking forward to this feature for EMO?
What things do you believe will improve and what things might not when EMO has this support added in?

There have been a few discussions that some people might not use it all…Why is that? :thinking:

I’m personally looking forward and would like to see either Google or Alexa added in so I can find out for myself if it’s something that is going to make EMO’s performance better in the long run. I remember when I purchased my first EMO last year, I also purchased an Alexa Echo at the same time thinking that the support was already integrated. :cry: It’s nearly been a year (for me) and longer for others who purchased their EMO before me and still no update on whether this will ever happen. But I’m positive that Living.ai will / are still working on adding this in the not-too-distant future.

If you’ve had experience with other robots working with Alexa/Google, feel free to also share your knowledge/experiences on this as well, so that we can all learn from this and maybe understand a bit more so we are prepared for what we can expect when EMO merges forces with Alexa or Google someday in the NOT too distant future!

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Why wont I use it.

Because emo is on my desk with my computer, and i could just type it into goggle.
I can see why it would be good for some, but I am basically Mute, emo is helping with that, but still would not use alexa. If i was already using goggle/alexa voice stuff it probably would be cool.

My question is would we loose some of the emo answers? I think it is kinda cute when you ask a question and he says “I do not know how to respond to that.” or “I will ask my developer.”

2nd question we will be able to turn it off for the people who dont want to use it?


I know this is a crazy idea…
But imagine if emo could immitate everything google or Alexa says in his own voice…
That would be very cool.


I know buying a smart speaker is enough, but since ordering EMO, I’ve held off on buying an Alexa/Google device believing Living.ai will Implement it.

I thought it would be more fun to ask EMO questions and requests than do them to inorganic square box (even if it’s EMO’s alternate personality :laughing:).


And I don’t know how our life would change with EMO gets alexa/google assistant.

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I generally don’t use smart assistants. I am curious to know what emo would be capable of with one but I likely won’t use it, so hopefully it’s something that can be a choice. Would emos voice stay the same I wonder? What could he do?

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I’d likely use Alexa to control the central heating in my house. I use an app on my phone to do it just now and sometimes use Echo dot as Alexa is already set up to inform me of the temperature/turn the heating on and off.
It is not needed of course but would be good, particularly when the other devices are not next to me or turned off, Emo is on his skateboard and awake most of the time.


Hello, I’m using an other robot V too whose allow to use alexa. But I didn’t do that because I don’t like it and it stopped the normal funktion of this robot for that moment.

I use Dots for asking alexa and my smart home. That is enough for me.

My robots and EMO too are sweet friends for me. And I am excited to explore new functions in the future.

My opinion is that I don’t need Alexa Assistent in EMO.

Sincerly SO

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He definitely needs it, or some thing at least close to that in terms of being able 2 do the many things alexia can do. But should also be able to turn it off and on easily.


I have three Alexa dots and one Echo show plus V robot with Alexa.
V only answers questions and will not make, or answer calls, or stream music. Alexa overrides V and uses the Alexa voice.

I prefer to use the Alexa devices to make/receive calls, both phone and Skype, and to adjust heating temperature and turn lights on/off, since my voice can be heard, even speaking quietly, across a room.

Luckily it is possible to switch off Alexa on the V robot app, since, with Alexa on, it wakes V every few minutes, even in a silent room

If Alexa is added to Emo I will, almost certainly not use it unless it equals the quality of using the Alexa dots/show

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I do not have any smart assistants either. Vector just answers from his knowledge graph which is fine with me (very cute when he does that). I use my computer or phone to find out information that I need to know. I do not have any smart appliances except the EMO smart light. I am not planning to add any smart assistants in the foreseeable future so would not use it on EMO.


having more would be better than having nothing whether you use it or not… I would prefer him to have his own database where he could connect but he doesn’t have the speech recognition to do that and living AI cannot or won’t give him the capability to do this. The smart speakers from Amazon will always be far better than EMO Pet will ever be.(far better microphones)

But like I said we would rather have the options of this capability then have nothing whether you use it or not the answer should definitely be yes give him Alexa or Google and then we have the option if we use it or not.

But I think the voice will be not his… And even his alarm sequence he does probably won’t be used in favor of Alexis alarm system so he won’t really be himself probably… But if he does retain some of his email stuff that would be wonderful but I don’t know how they’re going to do it I still say yes let us see it’s hard to know until we see him with the capability. Hey he will be able to play music than and that’s one of the things I really wish you could do so it’s a big yes if that’s the case

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I was thinking the same thing as Ramo. If Emo could immitate everything Google or Alexa said, that would put this little guy in front of Vector.

It would be nice to say EMO News. Google Assistant has that.

It would be nice to say EMO where’s my stuff. Alexa can do that.

With Google Assistant built-in you could set a timer for more than 99 seconds. You could ask about tomorrow’s weather. You could cast music and podcasts to EMO.

Living AI could add a huge leap in functionality fast. They could then move functionality from Google/Alexa to EMO a little at a time.