What can i do with the AI?

I’ve read a lot about EMO and I like it, but the specs and documentation only use buzzwords like “AI” and “teraflops”, there’s no real description of the AI itself.

I’m assuming this is all just marketing stuff, right?
Speeches, small talk and the like are present for years (this is not AI).

So what can I do with the AI?

Can someone give me an example of what to teach them? (Don’t talk about the basic functions)

For example, can I tell him, “Here, this is my dog, please say hello to him as soon as you see him,” and he will understand the sentence?

I guess my hopes are too high and this little toy is scripted just like any other device.

There is no onboard intelligence on that device the only onboard capability is to recognise that someone called his name and even this is disputable because when my daughter calls her Google assistant EMO thinks that she called his name. EMO only respond to a set of predefined commands and that is it.
Living AI tried to interface EMO with chat GPT on the version of firmware 2.2 but they keep saying that it is still experimental and quite frankly my Daughter’s EMO only managed to connect twice to Chat GPT and all the other attempts failed.so pretty much unusable.
There is so much hype around that kit that I am actually wondering how many people on this forum are actually on Living.ai 's payroll …

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Why not just discuss your issues/opinions as objectively as possible and stop suggesting that forum members are on the payroll. I get it that you are frustrated but this behaviour doesn’t help anyone.


Here we have the first member on the payroll :smiley:
Don’t blame him, his feedback was useful, yours wasn’t.

Alright thank you franck.bosch, i assumed this already

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@tonysoprano Great response
Expressing an opinion is only permitted on this forum as long as it suit their agenda.
I want Living AI to do well otherwise my daughter will end up with a piece of kit that will be unsupported if they go bust but if we don’t tell them that their baby is ugly what are the chances that they are going to make it better instead of focusing on the development of pointless features.

My message to Living AI is make your robot walk before you want him to run (meaning address all current design flaws even if it means to review the entire design of your architecture before investing further engineering efforts in developing features nobody really need)

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