What are Special days?

In the Document it talks about special days. Some are obvious but what about the earth, work, matrix and moon?

EMO wishes you a happy holiday on special days, and you can also say voice commands to him to trigger the animation on that day.
· Happy new year
· Happy valentines / Will you be my valentine?
· Work, work, work
· April fools
· The earth is what we all have in common
· Happy children’s day
· Fly to the moon
· Do we live in the matrix?
· Happy halloween / Trick or treat
· Happy Thanksgiving
· Merry Christmas


You can use those phrases to trigger the special animations, but he can only do them on the actual holiday. Earth Day is one of them, the first moon landing anniversary is another. I think the matrix reference was some kind of computer programmers holiday? (I’m not sure if that was for the Chinese-specific one or the international one?). The work one doesn’t sound familiar, but it might have been for Labor Day?

You would hope they used mostly internationally important days.
I wandered if matrix was the release date for the original movie?!
Labour day makes sense but is Australian labour day the same as China and everywhere else? Or does Emo recognise that he’s in Australia and go by Australian labour day holiday?

International workers day, I guess. Apparently that one was discussed back in February and I forgot about it. Fyi, there is a search function on the forum.



If you’re interested in checking out some of the special day animations, I have some on my YT channel. I won’t share them all here, as some people might want to discover them on their own.

Hopefully Living.ai will add more special day animations in future updates, but so far there is only 11 atm.

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