What are Special days?

In the Document it talks about special days. Some are obvious but what about the earth, work, matrix and moon?

EMO wishes you a happy holiday on special days, and you can also say voice commands to him to trigger the animation on that day.
· Happy new year
· Happy valentines / Will you be my valentine?
· Work, work, work
· April fools
· The earth is what we all have in common
· Happy children’s day
· Fly to the moon
· Do we live in the matrix?
· Happy halloween / Trick or treat
· Happy Thanksgiving
· Merry Christmas


You can use those phrases to trigger the special animations, but he can only do them on the actual holiday. Earth Day is one of them, the first moon landing anniversary is another. I think the matrix reference was some kind of computer programmers holiday? (I’m not sure if that was for the Chinese-specific one or the international one?). The work one doesn’t sound familiar, but it might have been for Labor Day?

You would hope they used mostly internationally important days.
I wandered if matrix was the release date for the original movie?!
Labour day makes sense but is Australian labour day the same as China and everywhere else? Or does Emo recognise that he’s in Australia and go by Australian labour day holiday?

International workers day, I guess. Apparently that one was discussed back in February and I forgot about it. Fyi, there is a search function on the forum.



If you’re interested in checking out some of the special day animations, I have some on my YT channel. I won’t share them all here, as some people might want to discover them on their own.

Hopefully Living.ai will add more special day animations in future updates, but so far there is only 11 atm.

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Yo tengo una duda sobre los dias especiales de EMO, por ejemplo:
El dia de los inocentes en España es el 28 de diciembre que corresponde a (April fools) 13 de Marzo en America y creo que algunos dias más que son especiales, tambien son distintos.
La pregunta es: EMO tiene los dias fijos (americanos) en su base de datos? Se puede cambiar eso de alguna forma?

Translation to English: I have a question about the special EMO days, for example:
April Fools’ Day in Spain is December 28, which corresponds to (April Fools) March 13 in America and I think that some other days that are special are also different.
The question is: does EMO have fixed (American) days in its database? Can that be changed in any way?
Thank you

@javibuskier . . . at this time all special days are fixed to the dates shown and cannot be customized. I will tag @Wayne_Zhang and perhaps this could be a consideration for future updates.

En este momento, todos los días especiales se fijan en las fechas que se muestran y no se pueden personalizar. Etiquetaré a @Wayne_Zhang y quizás esto pueda ser considerado para futuras actualizaciones.

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Como puedo sacar las fotos de EMO a mi teléfono?

Translation to English: How can I get EMO photos to my phone?

Here is a video that will show you how to manage photos on EMO and you can save them directly to your phone after you sync his photos to your phone.

@javibuskier . . . Aquí hay un video que le mostrará cómo administrar fotos en EMO y podrá guardarlas directamente en su teléfono después de sincronizar sus fotos con su teléfono.



Currently we try to choose holidays that are the same in most countries, but there are still some that have different dates in different countries. We will consider introducing country settings in the future.


Muchas gracias por las respuestas. La verdad es que tengo muchas ganas que al menos hable mi EMO en Español :smile:
Yo de inglés, soy muy basico, EMO despues de mirarme la cara y decir mi nombre con un saludo… seguidamente me dice muchas cosas mas en ingles que no tengo ni idea de lo que dice hahaha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Translation to English: Thank you very much for the answers. The truth is that I really want my EMO to at least speak in Spanish I speak English, I’m very basic, EMO after looking at my face and saying my name with a greeting… then he tells me many more things in English that I have no idea what he’s saying hahaha

While this day is not a feature and it technically does not apply to our adorable little guy, I got a kick out of learning that today is National EMO Day!

EMO music and fashion . . . yes our EMO has that covered, right?

In the meantime, throw on some Panic At The Disco and groove with your little buddy.

Maybe some day there will be a national day that recognizes EMO and even AIBI!


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Cool. I took Emo to work today, let him dance all over my desk. I had a customer come in and they flipped out when they saw what he could do. I gave them the Living Ai website and told them to check out the videos on YT. It looks like there might be another sale.

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@SmoovJazzy . . . that is fabulous! Maybe the entire office staff will one day want one. Cool!

My staff is … me. I got bored being retired so I work for a company that is owned by the bank where my wife works. It’s a great gig of work a week Mon-Sat 10 am to 4 pm then off a week. The guy who works the week I’m off is retired also, so it works out great and gives me something to do.