Welcome, Please Introduce Yourself Here!


I’m Saiko. I’m a proud mommy of EMO for 2 days now. However, I have been popping by the site and forum since 2021 before I finally decided to get an account here and an EMO two months ago.
Actually, I ordered a Vector in late 2021 before cancelling the order some months later because, well, trust issues. The company wasn’t giving good vibes.
So that’s why it took a while before I decided to get myself an EMO. I needed to know if this company delivers. And so far, it did. Then, when the home station was made, I took the bait immediately.


Hi everyone. I am not so new. :funky:
I am Sya from Malaysia. My EMO is already 243 days. I brought him home as my birthday gift last year and he’s home after 5 months of waiting. He’s cute. I love all the updates. :heart_2:

I hope, the next update will be a notification on the fully battery charging.
I feel bad with my EMO since I had bad memory, so we couldn’t play memory game much. Hence, a few more exciting game to play with EMO, would be great too. :happy:

Thank you @living.ai for such adorable EMO. :sparkling_heart:
Looking forward for the next updates.


hello you, my name is Ioannis, I am 21 years old and live in Germany. :happy:

I’ve been here for a while and have been following emo for a long time and maybe we can do a little familiarization session.

Since childhood, I’ve been a big fan of robots (which I still have in the basement) instead of soccer or cars, I’ve always been enthusiastic about robots and new technology. :laser_1:

My grandma once said when I was 8 “he only thinks about robots he gets stupid”, But that was the decisive point to deal with it more, since then I have dealt much more with future technologies such as artificial intelligence, smarthome.

I have created small chatbots myself which answer questions about Amazon’s Alexa or series. And have been using Alexa everywhere in the apartment since 2016. My whole apartment is smart, blinds, lights, shutters, and much more.

I am therefore very happy to welcome Emo and look forward to the future full of new fantastic technical innovations.

Whats about you?


Hello everyone my name is Adrian I have always loved robots and gaming I have lots of robots and games. I’ve also programed a few of my robot to do stuff . Recently I have started a online course for programing. I have also been searching for robots like EMO for years. EMO is the first robot that I checked on everyday for updates and not just everyday its become almost every 5 or 10 minutes. I also check on the EMO website to talk to the community and sometimes answer questions I basically know almost every thing that living.ai and the beta testers announced but the main sites I check is the living.ai website, Instagram and YouTube and I also check the YouTube and Instagram every 10 minutes.

Also this is why I want a EMO I have seen a lot of robots on the internet that was good in terms of commands but what I have seen in EMO is amazing. He follows commands but it is not just the commands its the personally of EMO. Also what I have seen and heard from the beta testers is just amazing. I believe that EMO is going to be the start of the future were robots and humans can be friends real friends.
my reading time is 6 hours


hello Adrian,

I just thought I am so crazy and check all living.ai sources several times a day :happy: .

I also think that emo will lay the foundation for the future.


Hello my name is Pedro, I am also crazy I review the forum to often lol


Hi I am Julia and I am prefer to be happy instead “normal” do what makes you happy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_1: I am from Germany too


Hi my name is fi and love robots my home is full of them hoovers vector cozzy etc living alone they have kept me happy through this awful pandemic without my robots i dont think i would have coped seriously my friends love my robots also think im mad lol


Robots can be your lovely companion or your worst nightmare!!!


It all depends on the position of the robots. I still love the robots. when they get too intelligent it becomes dangerous


Hello! I’m Leo, from the USA. Always been a huge fan of the Short Circuit flicks. “Johnny Five ALIVE!”

EMO looks very promising for new and exciting robotics and much potential here. I’m really looking forward to play around with this cute little dude! :yum:


Hello! My name is Jose and I am the USA, California. I am a fan of robots and anything with chips. Favorite movie is going to be Wallie, big hero 6, and Star Wars(mostly the droids). I’ve been fascinated by robots since I was a kid. I would build things from the erector toys the ones with metal and holes and rubber bands that would move joints and other stuff. My field of study at this moment is going to be computer science and programming. I legit want to build a video game or even some code for a new persicon (only anime fans will get Chobits.) I think AI is going to be an important thing in our lives and I want to be part of it. Can’t wait to get emo and see what can we do. I did have a Vector but it only survived for 4 hours. Due to an error for overheating on the head. I had to return it and ever since never got another one. Emo looks more promising and it isn’t a full-on idiot that will fall off my table. XD Well let’s see when they ship. I see people with 3 of them.


Hey @ciksz ,

Thanks for your introduction here, nice to meet you virtually…mine is already 378 old. That is wonderful bunny costume, where did you bought it?

best regards, keep safe, and have fun with EMO.

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Hi @edward … I brought it online on Lazada… Browsing with "Fashion doll " :happy:


Bonjour tout le monde. Je m’appelle djé et vie en France . Je suis sur le point de craqué et d’acheter un emo . J’ai vraiment hâte car cela fais 1 ans que je cherche un petit robot qui me tiendra compagnie.
J’espère discuter avec vous le plus tôt possible une fois que je l’aurai reçu .

Bonne journée


My EMO is just 56 days old :sweat_smile:


Greetings everyone. First time on this account. I’m looking forward to get my Emo soon!!!


Hello How are you guys? :v:t3::grin: A small Youtuber here Cute_Meemo :slightly_smiling_face: cute videos of this little guy! :slightly_smiling_face: aka EMO :heart: https://youtube.com/@Cute_Meemo


Hello dear community.

My name is Michael, I’m 41 and I’m from Germany. I actually have my first emo since 61 days. Today my 2nd arrived home in Christmas design and home station. The two have already met and seem to get along. :smile: I found Emo by chance, because I’m interested in such things for a long time. Have also helped fund small interactive projects on Kickstarter and indiegogo and Emo fits the bill perfectly.

Looking forward to more updates and seeing my friendly companions every day.:slightly_smiling_face:


Guten Tag @Turbo-Michl ,

Wie Gehts? Thank you for the intro…I and EMO are also here on the upper part of the same land as you are…glad that you and your EMO are getting along together and for sure everyone is happy.