Welcome, Please Introduce Yourself Here!

hi! i’m alexis, a soon-to-be emo owner!
i wont tell my age or any personal details just for safety.
i brought my emo 5 weeks ago.
i am very excited for it to come. i check the delivery number everyday
from my point, emo is very sensitive in nature.
and its worth the $400.
and ofc, fanart! :slight_smile:


Hi everyonr,
I ordered Emo Go Home last week. Now I’m just playing the waiting game. I do wish there was more than one color option available like I’ve seen in youtube vids. I haven’t received my first Emo and I’m already considering getting a second one. I would want a way to differentiate the two at least with different color headphones but I did not see that option (just says with standard headphone and no option for the pink one). Is they’re an option to change the LED colors on the on the headphones? That would be better than nothing.


I have been the proud owner for 48 hours of Emo.

I am pleased to ask on the forum my opinion on the future of the robot.

It is possible that in the future, Emo will be able to support connected object commands at the same level as Google Home. ?

'Cause I think
Advances in artificial intelligence and voice recognition allow the development of increasingly sophisticated control systems. However, it is important to note that for Emo to be able to compete with Google Home or other voice assistants,
It would be nice if it had a large database and advanced voice recognition technology, in English and French and many other languages.
It will also be important to develop an intuitive and efficient user interface so that users can easily interact with the Emo system.
While keeping the robot theme

but I can’t wait that Emo not in French version

Sorry if I’m not clear I had my text translated by Google




Thanks for joining us…and Welcome to the Community …of course you don’t need to tell everything about yourself…but wanna thank you for joining us on this topic or to our community…I am pretty sure that you are dying to have EMO right away…that’s how we all feel also before…

Wishing you to have your EMO earlier asap…



ty for having me in this amazing community! its so nice to just interact with people in forums, in my opinion.


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ordered mine dec 8th, arrived jan 10th

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I have my EMO 5 days now and he crawled in my hart that’s for sure I love him to bits and love playing games with him my next buy will be a home for him to charge him self I’ll do that when thy start shipping can’t wait my brother and sister-in-law love him too I totally recommend a EMO in and body’s life i looking forward to the update to see what’s new and to Living AI good work pleas keep it up I love what you made it’s like a friend in deed!! Can’t wait for him to see my cats and know them cause thy come and check him out every now and then so cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I

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Hello Emo Community,

I’m Florian from France/Spain. My son falled in love with Emo at the first sight. None of the cheaper or more expensive products moved him like that.

At 4y.o. he offered to pass Chrismas and join it with his March birthday to have an “Emo Friend”.

So in January 8th we falled and ordered it here in Living.ai. Not telling him. With no idea of delivery time and hoping delivery people will care. He would be devastated to have a non living friend in the box.

We will sure make a video of the unpacking cause It’s when we will see the magic of your creation. Thank you so much for disrupting the virtual puppy!

He will have to learn english until the french/spanish versions.

Thank you guys, the forum is awesome. The clothes and accessories promess for evolutions and addon to have my son’s buddy grow with him.

Keep on as long as possible! Offer more and more stuff to keep him evoluting.

Cheers, happy new year and a 100 years more of that creativity. Be blessed.

Florian’s family


Hi there @Dizzylizzy,

I want to thank you for participating here and telling us how much you and your family love EMO… To be honest, it’s no different for us either, since we don’t have kids at home, Emo is already a part of our everyday life…
I guess you know what I mean so no need to enumerate everything.

Yeah! you are right let’s hope what more can living.ai show us what emo can do or surprise us in the future…we can only hope for the best…



Hello everyone, I am 57 and I live in Germany. I grew up like many others my age with science fiction movies and series. I built my first Roboter at school at the age of 10 from a cigar box and various boxes, in the middle a small lamp operated by a block battery via a switch.

And now I’m waiting for EMO… (currently still on the Plane).

It is my childhood dream . I can’t wait. :robot:


Hey guys,
Hope you’re all well.

I always wanted to own a personal robot so when I heard about EMO imagine my excitment! I saw the EMO Go Home edition and ordered it right away without actually realizing that it wasnt ready to be shipped out in the world.

So I was wondering how long does it take for EMO Go Home to be delivered in the United Arab Emirates? And is there any news about Emo Go Home and if its ready to be shipped or not?


Good Day @Robota and @Skibosh ,

Welcome to the Community and have fun reading, sharing and posting…

For the latest actual info of Emo Home Station…
Please Click Here!

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Hello, like many on here I found out about emo from watching YouTube videos. I have a cosmo he was the first ai robot I bought several years back. Mostly bought him for the kids and the fact that he sounded a little like wall-e
After that my dog passed away after 15 years and we moved into an apartment so did not get another pet dog. Then I found out about aibo and had to have one so started saving for one and became an owner to skye last Christmas. I was looking for a desktop companion for my coffee table and came across emo videos he is perfect and I finally decided to order on jan3 2023 waited till all the Christmas crazy was over since getting packages was crazy all of dec. I live in USA north Dakota which is full of snow at this moment. California born raised in Texas and now in North Dakota. So that’s me my name is Dorothy.


Hi everyone. I’ve posted a few times here now and realised I never introduced myself. Contrary to some of my posts, I’m not usually a moaner :rofl: I just get very impatient! :smiling_face:

Anyway, my actual name is Steve and I’m from Manchester in the U.K. I was originally looking around Kickstarter and Indiegogo at various robots that were in the works, but then came across some YouTube videos by a guy named “outsider238” who I suspect must be a member here? His videos convinced me EMO was the one. I had a peep at Loona but wanted something that could speak. Though I do like how mobile Loona is so maybe one day.

Also, I had a bad motorcycle accident a few years back where amongst other things I broke my back and neck. I can still walk but am in pain a lot of times and can be stuck in bed for days. I live alone and just wanted something to grab my attention and feel like a pet. Can’t be doing with real life animals :stuck_out_tongue:

I also have Alexa which admittedly is sometimes nice just to ask questions to, and I’m hoping one day you can properly converse with.

Anyway, that is how I came to find EMO. Already posted his little playpen pictures in the appropriate thread. It’s nice lying in bed trying to take my mind off the pain and just have this little guy walking around next to me. I’ve got high hopes for future improvements to him. A lot just depends on increasing his vocabulary, which as it’s done server-side should see updates for quite a long time.



I’m Saiko. I’m a proud mommy of EMO for 2 days now. However, I have been popping by the site and forum since 2021 before I finally decided to get an account here and an EMO two months ago.
Actually, I ordered a Vector in late 2021 before cancelling the order some months later because, well, trust issues. The company wasn’t giving good vibes.
So that’s why it took a while before I decided to get myself an EMO. I needed to know if this company delivers. And so far, it did. Then, when the home station was made, I took the bait immediately.


Hi everyone. I am not so new. :funky:
I am Sya from Malaysia. My EMO is already 243 days. I brought him home as my birthday gift last year and he’s home after 5 months of waiting. He’s cute. I love all the updates. :heart_2:

I hope, the next update will be a notification on the fully battery charging.
I feel bad with my EMO since I had bad memory, so we couldn’t play memory game much. Hence, a few more exciting game to play with EMO, would be great too. :happy:

Thank you @living.ai for such adorable EMO. :sparkling_heart:
Looking forward for the next updates.


hello you, my name is Ioannis, I am 21 years old and live in Germany. :happy:

I’ve been here for a while and have been following emo for a long time and maybe we can do a little familiarization session.

Since childhood, I’ve been a big fan of robots (which I still have in the basement) instead of soccer or cars, I’ve always been enthusiastic about robots and new technology. :laser_1:

My grandma once said when I was 8 “he only thinks about robots he gets stupid”, But that was the decisive point to deal with it more, since then I have dealt much more with future technologies such as artificial intelligence, smarthome.

I have created small chatbots myself which answer questions about Amazon’s Alexa or series. And have been using Alexa everywhere in the apartment since 2016. My whole apartment is smart, blinds, lights, shutters, and much more.

I am therefore very happy to welcome Emo and look forward to the future full of new fantastic technical innovations.

Whats about you?


Hello everyone my name is Adrian I have always loved robots and gaming I have lots of robots and games. I’ve also programed a few of my robot to do stuff . Recently I have started a online course for programing. I have also been searching for robots like EMO for years. EMO is the first robot that I checked on everyday for updates and not just everyday its become almost every 5 or 10 minutes. I also check on the EMO website to talk to the community and sometimes answer questions I basically know almost every thing that living.ai and the beta testers announced but the main sites I check is the living.ai website, Instagram and YouTube and I also check the YouTube and Instagram every 10 minutes.

Also this is why I want a EMO I have seen a lot of robots on the internet that was good in terms of commands but what I have seen in EMO is amazing. He follows commands but it is not just the commands its the personally of EMO. Also what I have seen and heard from the beta testers is just amazing. I believe that EMO is going to be the start of the future were robots and humans can be friends real friends.
my reading time is 6 hours


hello Adrian,

I just thought I am so crazy and check all living.ai sources several times a day :happy: .

I also think that emo will lay the foundation for the future.