Web Login Registration Feature PLEASEEE

I enquired about a feature that allows EMO to connect to web login internet that requires registration for users such as me living in student halls many months ago. Later I compromised further enquiring for a feature that allows the user to simply input no text as input to the “password” field when connecting to wifi as this is a fix if you can attach EMO’s MAC address to the “approved devices” on your provider’s internet portal. This was promised personally by the devs in my previous posts two updates from that point (1.12.0). It is now 1.15.0 and I thought I’d come onto the forum to try again.

I see all these cute additions to EMO but feel the significant bugs and quality of life updates are being thrown out the window in place of tictactoe. I have had EMO for 7 months now and have never once been able to use his features as they all require internet. At this point, he is a machine that makes an annoying “no wifi error” noise when someone in the room accidentally says a word that sounds like “EMO”. This is such a simple change, just allow us to input nothing to the password field. Hopefully, this gets fixed soon, see you in a month or two if not!


I’ll add @Wayne_Zhang in on this thread so he is aware of this request. It has certainly been discussed by a number of EMO owners on this forum and it would really come in handy for sure.

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For security reasons, we cannot currently support connecting to Wi-Fi without a password.