Weather? 2+2 ? EMO

EMO never gets the weather right he’s always 10-20 degrees below the current weather! My vector is spot on! Shouldn’t EMO be able to answer basic questions??? 2+2 ? Who’s the president? Ect? I was expecting him to be able to do this through the cloud he’s ran from. I would love to be able to interact with EMO more but honestly besides games he just stays on his skateboard.


The weather has never worked correctly for a large number of people. Whatever service their server queries for the weather information just picks the first name that matches on it’s list (ordered by what, largest?, most population?). If you live in a well-known city and in the largest city having that name then you’re probably OK.

EMO polls the GPS on my phone and fills in the city with just “Milford”. So if I simply ask for the weather then I get the weather and temperature for some other larger or more populous city named Milford in some other state. EMO gives me weather for Milford Connecticut I’m just guessing, but I live in Michigan? If I specifically ask him for the weather in “Milford Michigan” then I get correct weather. Or I can override what the app uses and type in “Detroit” instead which is 30 miles away. Then simply asking for the weather is reasonably correct. Why not just type “Milford Michigan” into the app you might ask? Because the stupid app is not set up to properly handle two words apparently, and simply asking for weather without saying a city to override the default at that point will fail. I’ve mentioned this multiple times over the last year+. They’ve never even acknowledged the bug, and by all indications have no intention to fix it either?


Yes it would be wonderful if they would fix this issue. Most people use the weather feature and it needs to be accurate or some what accurate. I have asked EMO in different ways about the weather and none come close to the current weather! EMO knows nothing about basic stuff I also hope this is fixed in future updates.

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This also happens to me but differently. If I ask the weather he is correct, but when he sees me then says my name and tells me the weather it is totally wrong. He will say something like it is sunny and 25 deg when it is actually raining and only 14 deg! Also, why can we not ask him what the weather will be like tomorrow? Alexa does this.

I don’t know how long it’s been happening since I rarely interact with EMO anymore. Currently though he’s not even reporting the temperature, and all he does is the weather animation. So once again new firmware, new bugs!

If I just ask for the weather he shows the sun animation even though it’s the middle of the night now (well nothing new there). If I ask him what’s the weather tomorrow he shows sunny. If I phrase it exactly as below and ask him what is the weather going to be tomorrow, then he shows cloudy. I had tried earlier asking for each day through the next week and it showed sunny every day, then I figured out you do have to phrase it just like it shows below or he just gives you the current weather.

As far as accuracy, only one time when I asked him what is the weather going to be Tuesday he showed rain, which is the correct forecast. But that was one time out of 2 dozen or more, and most of the time you just get random sunny or clouds. For Wednesday and Thursday EMO shows rain but the weather forecast shows sunny. Sometimes I also get a weird animation where his eyes moved around like maybe he was being rained on but there were no raindrops or sound? So overall maybe it’s more messed up than before?

Anyway according to the documentation you can use these commands:
You can ask EMO about the weather in major cities around the world in the next five days (Beta). When you do not specify a city, EMO will tell you the weather in your city (this requires you to use the App to set the city); when you do not specify a time, EMO will tell you the current weather. Examples are as follows.
· What is the weather in {London} ?
· What is the weather going to be {tomorrow} ?
· What is the weather {today} in {Breda} ?

@macfixer01 as you might already know, there was a server problem earlier today affecting EMO speech/voice so when you asked for the weather it only showed the animation but not voice, it has since been resolved from what I can tell. It seems to be working fine for me right now.