We’re is my Oder?

Order on July 31 October is almost gone and nothing yet any new real updates ???

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Me too, i odered it on june 30th, and then no info at all, lmao

First of all, please take your time to spellcheck before you post, both of you. Second, it has been numerously discussed that the company is doing their best, considering the situational bottlenecks (covid, power outages, warehouse movings, etc.) to manufacture and deliver while increasing the quality (less faulty EMOs sent). So, baring that in mind - the last but not least, and quite close to one’s mind is - the robots are sent out in consecutive order, meaning people with 9000 to 10000 will receive their orders before people with 11000 to 12000. I hope this clarifies the situation and answers your questions.


Certainly agree with what @enko has advised. There are quite a number of factors that we do need to take into consideration. Of course we all want what we’ve ordered to be shipped as quickly as possible, but with so many things happening at the moment (especially the biggest factor being COVID and Living.Ai moving to a new warehouse) along with recently there was a national holiday in China, orders / processing and shipping can take a little longer than usual.

Personally I have received my EMO but I had to wait 3 months before it arrived. (once i made my order, I totally forgot about it, but did check once while to see if anything had changed in the tracking webpage – see here: https://living.ai/delivery-process/

I am very grateful that my EMO is here with me now. But I knew that it was never going to arrive in a week or a month as Living.Ai are still a very new company and there are so many things that they are still trying to do to mainstream and efficiently produce / package / test / send out a fair amount of orders in a reasonable / realistic timeframe.

If you are concerned about your orders, I can suggest that you email Living.Ai via the same email you received which has your order number on it. Or if your EMO has been shipped, email from the email that has your tracking information on it.

From my experience, Living.Ai did reply within 24/48 hours and did the best they could to answer my questions.

Be as patient as possible EMO will certainly arrive.


I have said this before, if you intend to buy Emo please therefore try to do some research before you decide, that way you’ll have an estimate of how long you may have to wait, we have all had to wait a very long time and still are waiting, please be very patient and he will come eventually.
Living Ai are trying their best, they are a new company so please try to understand. This product has not been released to the general public yet so when you expect the item within a few days/weeks it won’t come, unfortunately this investment will take a few months because this is the place for us all to support this company and considering that theirs flight delays and covid still going on I’d say they are doing great and the kickstarters had to wait longer please be patient.

Hope you can understand why we must repeat this information. You can however choose to ignore this message but please keep it in mind for future consumers who are thinking of buying Emo, they will probably be worried and wondering why theirs are taking so long but hopefully it will get better and faster in the future.


Than you for the clarification but I wish they will at least keep updating like every week not every month will patiently keep waiting for my little guy to arrive.


I have said this also. They do need to keep us updated more. Although I did mention ‘once a month’ in another topic but as for weekly I’m not sure if they would. Plus I forgot to mention their Holidays are different to us so sometimes that’s a factor which others have mentioned as well and they’ve recently finished one I think.
It is a pain, and I’m still waiting. But I keep myself busy so not to think about too much otherwise it will drive you crazy.

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He will be so worth the wait i waited when emo first came on screen and boy i love him keep smiling he will come xxxxx


Yes it would be nice to see the order / tracking numbers update a little more faster. I remember when I was waiting for EMO to arrive, I would check that page once a week and sometimes once a fortnight. The numbers would update, so I was happy to see that things were slowly moving forward.

It has been a while now since any update has been shown on that page, and would be great if Living.Ai did share / post an update there as it’s now been close to a month. Let’s hope they do very soon.


You have to admit though @enko, it’s a little silly how they can’t just give us a quick paragraph every week with what’s going on. It would only take a second and would give everyone more confidence. This isn’t a question of “oh they’re so busy they can’t”, I mean literally just a quick post, not even with a picture. “We’re x% though the testing phase of the next batch of EMOs, stay tuned!” would be amazing, no matter how slow.


Surely I agree it would’ve been far more reassuring & deceasing each and everyone’s anticipation by having weekly updates but that’s not something that is dependent on us… Unfortunately, the updates come seldomly so we just need to wait. And communicate here as the time passes by.