Wayne's affair with EMO

How did I find out about EMO and become a tester?
That’s easy really. I’ve been interested in robotics since my early teens, which given I’m 53 now is quite a while back :slight_smile: My first robot was an Armatron from Tandy (known as Radio Shack in the USA). It was basically a robotic arm and that was it. I had a Sinclair ZX Spectrum at the time and I hacked the robot with some servos to be able to be controlled by the computer. That was a load of fun!

Since then I’ve pretty much been involved in the technology industry as both a passion and a career. I own two other robots at the moment, with more on order!

I first heard about EMO last year in another robot forum, and was immediately interested. The images and videos I saw showed something very exciting, something almost life like. I just had to have one. So when the opportunity arose, I ordered 2 of them, because I figured that my wife would like mine so much that it was very likely she would steal him away from me :slight_smile:

It was via the Facebook groups that I started asking questions, and discovering the people behind EMO had some great plans. I was able to engage with them and get to know them. Given I’ve got a fair chunk of experience beta testing products and working with development teams over the years with various vendors, I offered to help them. Totally free of charge, because after all this is a hobby.

I was blown away when they reached out to me to ask if I would be part of the testing team in the community. They shipped me a tester unit (which is very similar to the final product) and when I received it, I was right away impressed with the build quality.

I got stuck into testing EMO and right away found issues that I thought needed to be fixed. I told the Living AI team about those issues, and worked directly with the developer to clarify what I saw, and what I expected. Within 24 hours they were able to fix these things. That showed me they were very keen to hear more feedback, and so the cycle continues.

I know with the upcoming shipment of EMO to the world, that there will be many more people that will love him just as we have fallen in love with him. I’m looking forward to helping out in the community so that others can have fun too!


That’s an awesome journey Wayne, I have also ordered two units! As my brother will try and steal mine!

This Emo will certainly have a cult following of its own


I ordered 1 EMO and my sister will probably try to steal mine she already tried to steal my other robots :happy:


You’re awesome man! Love the story! It’s been great communicating with you


Being a fellow Aussie I have greatly enjoyed your blog and video’s, especially hearing our fantastic accent :rofl:


Thanks mate - where ya from? I’m from Sydney myself - out in the Hills area.


I’m in WA, edge of the South West adjoining Perth. Looking forward to adding EMO to my desk and seeing him interact and vice-versa. It seems you have grown an actual attachment to the little guy, which for someone of your experience in IT is quite an admiral task for any developer. It would be a fine line between making an interaction seem forced or evolutionary and natural, and it seems Living AI have cracked that nut. Looking forward to seeing any other video’s you come up with. Cheers :+1:


Thanks mate, yeah - EMO has grown on me, even more so than my other robots. The exciting thing I see though is not what is here now… but what is to come in future. Things that I believe the team are working on that are not yet announced :wink:
If I ever get to Perth, I’ll announce it here and we can have an EMO meet up… invade a pub with EMOs on the bar… now that would be a laugh!!!


I can just imagine what the locals at the pub will see in their eyes :wink: