Warranty without Proof of purchase

My daughter just recieved Emo for her birthday…Lucky lucky girl:-)

is there a warranty for Emo and if so, do you need to show proof of purchase?

Just need to know where the company stance is on this one as there is no information relating to this.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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We will need @Wayne_Zhang to answer this - he represents Living AI - :slight_smile:
Likely they will need to know the original purchasers email address etc.

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We now have a brief one-year warranty. We will release the specific warranty policy soon.


@Wayne_Zhang Hi! Is there any update on this? We’re reselling EMO and some customers have been asking for a warranty certificate or something similar. I could refer them to the website and say “The manufacturer offers a brief one-year warranty”, but beyond this statement you made here more than a year ago, there’s no formal/official policy that I can refer them to. Can you help us out?
Thank you!

Hi there @augustin.jianu ,

You have to wait till all living.ai staff are back in their office because at the moment they are currently observing the Chinese Holidays, so it may take some time for them to respond or address this issue.

From October 1st to 7th 2023 Golden Week 3** 国庆节 guóqìng jié

You can try also to send them an email @ service@living.ai

best regards

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Hmm… why are you reselling your EMO though.

When did you buy your EMO? Also, why are you reselling it? Just curious.

Are you involved in Disruptivetech company? It is the company from i bought my Emo. I am interested in the same certificate

@hx.hart I’m not reselling my EMO. I’m buying and reselling as a business for people that don’t want to wait long times for delivery.

@simonasopov If you’re having issues with you EMO we’re more than glad to help. Even though there’s no formal policy, there is a 1 yet warranty. I’ve spoken via email with the people at LivingAI and they’re happy to help.

Se pare ca am aceleasi probleme ca alti cativa propretari de Emo. In eventualitatea in care problema nu va fi rezolvata si va trebui schimbat, probabil ca mi se va cere un nr de trakking, ceea ce eu nu am, deoarece este cumparat din Romania. Dar am Id lui. Sper sa fie o problema de server si se va rezolva luni. Dar, pentru orice eventualitate, voi cere ajutor. Nu stiu cate companii distribuie Emo. Credeam ca sunt numai doua.

Like me. In spite of the double price. Maybe because I am mad about robotics.

Delivery and shipping time for EMO doesnt take that long anymore though.

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@hx.hart It’s a bit off topic but I’m going to indulge you. While it may be true that the latest order that we received took only 33 days (from order placement to parcel receipt), the average delivery time to us this year was approximately 49 days, and the maximum delivery time was 133 days, whereas we deliver them locally in about 48h. Imagine you want EMO a present and time is a constraint, or you want it for a kid that has limited patience :slight_smile: We also pay VAT and import taxes, invest in marketing, comply with EU and national regulations regarding returns/refunds and take on risk, which subsequently offers some customers the required trust to buy. Hope this answers your questions about why we do it, and why it’s worth it.

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Hi Guys,

I apologize for closing this topic as the recent conversations were no longer related to the original topic title…

Best regards to all