Warranty question

I am considering buying a new in box emo from FB marketplace. My Lai emo won’t ship for awhile yet but when he comes I will have 2 to interact with. If I purchase an emo from a source other than Lai and he has a problem will I still receive support and warranty? That is the only concern holding me back. @Wayne_Zhang

It’s my understanding that warranty starts from the time that EMO is first connected to wifi. He reports in to Living AI and therefore is “born”. I don’t think they track it beyond that point. Wayne Zhang is of course the only person who can give an official answer.

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Unfortunately the emo local to me was sold just before I had a chance to buy him. It’s still good to know if there is support for emos purchased elsewhere either new or gently used :blush:

Hey, Mr Small is right.


So you could ask EMO - “When is your birthday” and he will tell you that. Your warranty starts for 1 year from that date.

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Thank you both :blush: it is good information to know!