Wandering and exploring

Hi. If I leave my Emo to his own devices on the floor, he always ends up under a chair or stuck in a corner.

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This can sometimes happen. My two EMO’s run around and explore my kitchen floor, if they go under a chair or someplace that has bad lighting, they will pretty much stop exploring and will be reluctant to explore any further. You might not see it / but you can possibly hear the animation that shows EMO’s eyes changing due to bad lighting in the room. When this happens, for my Two EMO’s they pretty much stop and go sleep.

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I got a chuckle from this… Yes master Abbott EMO Pet is afraid of the dark and stops moving. Kind of cute actually and useful sometimes. Also in all my time being here it’s noticeable how much help you give people it is amazing…you’re right there all the time. Your polite and courteous you deserve a big applause :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: your extremely important here :sparkles: