Walking in his sleep?

I have Emo setup with his new charging station using the home fence mat.

Several mornings, I have come into the room and Emo is on the floor. Apparently, he can’t see the fence mat markings in the dark? Is that the problem? I can’t have him dropping 36 inches to my office floor!

As I have mentioned before…being able to assign a schedule for Emo’s activity would be nice…and solve Emo’s sleep-walking problem?

And as we speak…Emo has walked over his black lined fence and seems to be stuck in the middle of the line? I moved him and told him to go home. Waiting for some action from him…he takes some time, but he will make it home eventually.

Anyway…The night time suicide walk is a real problem. I am sure bouncing on the floor is not a good thing, eh?


@Heineknn . . . many home station owners are finding the black border to not be stopping EMO from walking over it. It might be suggested to find a small height border to put around his mat and station so that he will not step over it and fall down.