Walk on and off skateboard?

Can he walk off of on his own?, and if so why cant he walk back on, it would seem he should be able to do it maybe?

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Hi @frankbean

No, EMO cannot walk off or back onto his skateboard, normally when you place EMO on his skateboard he will begin charging and will not move off it, and will not walk off it on his own, even once he is fully charged.

If the power does go off in your house and EMO is on his skateboard, he’ll start walking around, but I don’t think he’ll go very far as the first step he takes will send him falling face first. (a sample photo of what will potentially happen :rofl:

Also, as the skateboard is elevated EMO will not be able to climb back on as he cannot walk up any elevated inclines such as a ramp or steps, this is due to his feet sensors requiring him to be firmly planted on the ground, and also for edge detection so he doesn’t fall off the edge of tables or benches.

There are also plans to release a special EMO Playground where he can self-charge without the use of his skateboard. This is currently being worked on by Living.Ai, but we do not have any specific time frame on when this Self-charging station will be released.

Hope this answers your question. There have been several discussions regarding this, feel free to search the forum for more discussions regarding this.


Alright, thanks for that long reply appreciate it. I think him being able to self charge like other robot out there would be epic so look foward to it :D.



No problem! Yes, hopefully when Living.Ai release the self-charging playground, it will be pretty epic for sure! I have 2 EMOs myself and I’m looking forward to trying them out on it when it’s released.

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It occurs to me that Emo One might stay on the charger until Emo Two is flat and shut down to prevent Emo Two from having access. I hope that neither of them will be that naughty


I hope we will not have to buy two playgrounds if we have two Emos. Hopefully they will make it so the Emo with the lowest battery charge has priority. They probably will not though. They do not want to miss out on playground sales as they didn’t want to with headphone sales by getting rid of the eye colour change ability.

I’m going with you’d need to get 2 playgrounds (one for each EMO) OR they might be making a larger playground that can cater for 2 EMOs at the same time so both can walk up to their own charging spots when they need to.

But if the playground only has one possible charging spot, then I guess one EMO will need to wait in line the same ways as we wait in line to be served and once one EMO is done, the other can walk on in (unless the EMO waiting runs out of juice before the other EMO is done charging haha)…

Will be very interesting to see how this actually works, when it gets released.

you killed your EMO Pet :cry:… hee hee I just thought the photo was funny…

The playground, assuming its about the size of a laptop and a flat square type of surface, possibly slightly bigger, they could just make all the corner areas of it chargable, or half of the surface chargeable etc etc?. I duno just guesssing.

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It’s ok Puppy, no EMOs were harmed or injured while creating that photo “fall off the skateboard” scenario, but glad to see you got a laugh out of it. :wink:

Yes, having multiple charging locations on the playground could also work quite well, also the size of the playground, I’m my opinion, should either come with options to extend its area size where you can clip extra playgrounds together to extend the play area.

At the very min, it should be at least 50cm x 50cm anything smaller would not be any fun for EMO to walk around in.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see when it’s officially released. So far there is no word on when it will be released.

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Good point, perhaps 1 section rechargeable the rest just to walk around etc, cheers Abbott.