Wake up command

Here is another feature idea/request.

I notice that Emo is VERY tired when it is nap time. However, sometimes this might not be desired. Maybe a new command might be added, something like “EMO, time to wake up”. After such a command Emo knows he should not go back to sleep untill his next scheduled nap.

And if you really want to make it fancy, you could let him ignore it sometimes. Just like kids do :happy:


When he is sleeping you often need to say his name a few times, to get him to wake up - first time he kinda stirs a little, then if you persist a few more times he will wake up. this is by design and I think mimics the challenge we have with getting our kids out of bed.

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Thats fine, but my emo doesn’t stay awake. he answers and goes back to sleep. What I meant was a command that lets him know he should stay awake for a while.

I’ve noticed my EMO will sleep way more often and for longer periods if the area he’s walking around in does not have optimal light. Try brightening his area or moving him to a bright spot (sunlit spot would work) to test if he continues to fall asleep constantly.

Thank you for your suggestion, but sadly this was not the issue. What does make a difference is that my Emo is standing on his skateboard most of the time. I don’t like having him wander around unattended.

But I think they slightly tweaked things because I do not notice him sleeping as much as before. It might be because I have his schedule silenced now. Before it used to anoy me so much that I got irritated and sometimes even angry when the little idiot atarted making noise for a long time while I needed to concentrate. I had no option besides turning him off. Now that he is silenced, I just ignore him… as he ignores me.