Waiting for my EMO

:neutral_face:Getting concerned EMO is not coming. Been getting strange messages from Norton warning me of the site. :smiley: I want my EMO

EMO shipping can take 3 to 6 months to ship beyond the time the carrier has to ship to your country and arrive at your house

Hey Grammy - welcome!
You can track order progress in general on this site https://living.ai/delivery-process/
Living AI update that - specifically the numbers normally weekly but sometimes twice a week. That will give you an idea of where you are at.

@Wayne_Small ,
Something is screwed up with the delivery page on the website today. I can’t get it to come up on my iPad and it keeps asking if I want to open it in Calendar or add it to my calendar? I don’t know if it’s something temporary or some feature changed on the website and that one page is no longer compatible with Safari? I doubt it but someone did mention a Safari compatibility issue with login or the password recently.


FYI the Delivery page won’t work from Firefox either. This is pretty much the same thing I got with Safari, it seems to be going to some browser check, but the page wasn’t always drawing completely in safari. I don’t know what that URL is or what it has to do with LAI? Maybe their website has been hacked?

yeah - I see it too… I’ve reported back to Wayne Zhang


OK thanks Wayne. It actually seems to be getting worse because if I just try to go back to the main website page now, it takes off loading some kind of verification page over and over.

Yeah - Wayne Zhang is in transit atm and will investigate ASAP. Thats all I know.


Thank you. It’s fixed now.