Virtual Joystick for EMO

Would be great having a joystick between the APP features, in way to let EMO going into any directions without vocal commands.


There is one that you can try out within the EMO app. Try out Treasure Hunt. This game will let you control EMO with a Virtual Joystick. You can see how it works, but as you’ve said having a joystick for moving EMO around manually is not available.

I know, but it’s so annoying because you have to tilt the phone to trigger the directions. The game itself makes sense.

And in this game emo walks only in 3 directions but not backwards

I see what you are saying but I like the idea of Emo being free and moving independently.

We have to be frank: EMO is a coll AI Device and it is really appealing for coders… As I am. So placing on the market a device with built in features makes a lot of sense, but the really potentiality is to deliver an SDK as Amazon does for Alexa, in way to make Integrations with the device. I’m the IT Manager and Digital Transformation Officer for a Plc involved into Fashion Design Industry and devices like EMO are really appealing for marketing purposes.
That’s why I make this kind of considerations and having a Digital Joystick would be really cool and proficient to promote EMO.

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This would be something that Living.Ai will need to address. I think many of us would like to program / control EMO even more than what he can currently do right now. But ultimately, it will be Living.Ai decision to deliver a SDK to the public.

Maybe @Wayne_Zhang can provide more info regarding this?

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In some respects I thought this would reduce EMO to the level of one of those low cost remote-controlled robot toys, like Boxer.

On further reflection I do see some possibilities for the capability though. There is an unused forum category for “Events”. I could foresee for example having a wooden maze constructed and multiple EMO owners racing to get their EMO through the maze first. It would be nice if EMO becomes popular enough that local conventions or such events could be held in some places?

The last thing I want is to navigate my EMO manually. I’m buying an autonomous robot not a toy with a remote control.
Of course if developers don’t know what to do with their free time then can add that functionality but not before they have done everything from their EMO description in the shop.

Guys, if someone brings up an idea don’t feel personally attacked

It is just an idea !!! You no need to use it as I don’t play the most of emos games but ok maybe somebody else does