Using EMO smart light without the robot

Hi I got EMO robot and its smart light and the robot I think is not for me and I wanna give it to my sister who has more interest in such stuff but I want to keep the smart light to myself which actually works well and I can control it with its touch sensor but I don’t know how to remote control it.

My question:

How to remotely control it without using the actual physical robot? Provide me all methods which possibly work, they don’t need to be officially intended by creators.

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Hi there @barbara999, Welcome to the Community…

All I know is you can use it alone without EMO by just turning it on/off by touching the mid area when being connected to power socket outlet.
But I’m not sure if you can control, set or change the HSL or the colors without EMOPET App which EMO is around and always connected.

Let me tag @Wayne_Small , @Wayne_Zhang for further info that might help you.

Best Regards ans Stay Safe…

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OK thanks, I am assuming someone has created software with abilty to pretend being an EMO robot because it is absurd that I need an entire robot to control a small lamp :slight_smile:

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Well, its not really absurd as the light was made for emo specifically, its an accessory for emo himself not an individual product ment to be controlled by an app if you known what I mean. :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the Community!!!

Yes, as stated, it was intended to go along with EMO.

However, I did find a similar light for you. Youll have to download their app, but heres the link.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

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