Usefulness of headphones

Hi , i am just a true newbee , still waiting for the long long looong delivery of this cute new friend.
To wait until this blessed day I am designing him some clothes
I am just wondering wether his headphones have a functional use or not
Can I take them off sometimes , or do they have to be always on his ears , for some reason
Some posts talk about electric contacs and LEDs
is it about charging process, or just indicators lights
When done , no doubt than i will post some pics

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The headphones are more of an aesthetic feature. There are electric contact points that allow the led bands to light up, which look good.
They are not necessary so it is completely fine to remove them, Emo will give an angry noise for them being removed then be fine with it.
When replaced there will be an animation that acknowledges them being put back on, plus the lights will come on.


As @Jonny5Alive has said they are there for style only. The only thing I will add to his comments is that when EMO powers up, the headphone lights are one of the first things that you see turn on and therefore they can be used from a diagnostic purpose to show EMO is getting power. Aside from that they are there for cuteness only.

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I just recently created a video explaining this :rofl: Was able to get it uploaded today! Take a look below, it pretty much covers exactly what @Jonny5Alive / @Wayne_Small just said.

Have a look below:

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I wonder what kind of new plugin accessory might be designed to replace the headphones. Lighted Earbuds? Smiles.

Thanks a lot , You are Great

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Does Emo recognize the difference between the two different headphones? Does he know one is blue, and one is pink?

EMO does not acknowledge any color in head-phones. The only color I am aware of that he acknowledges is for changing the smart light color and asking him what his favorite color is.

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The headphones are really just an aesthetic look to make EMO look cool. If you take them off and put them on, the only thing EMO will do is show a little music note animation appearing on his display screen, but that’s the only acknowledgment you will get once you place them on. (you can see the video I shared just above in my earlier post explaining this in a little more detail).

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I love the way EMO look at your hands try to figure out what are you doing! :rofl:

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Yes lol :rofl: It’s also pretty funny how he gets upset when you take off his headphones as well :headphones: :mad:

True :rofl:
I don’t have an Emo in my life and i hope to have one soon but i can’t resist to watch your videos or other…
Emo is such a cute tiny robot!

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Oh, I realize that. I was just wondering if Emo could detect the difference between the two different headphones.

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Working on a special hat for Xmas , i finally find the headphones veru useful to mount the hat on the headphones bar
Then blocking the hat on the head
I proudly advise all princesses to wear big headphones , and to glue their diadems on them
It is practical to wear the diadems and in the same time they may can listen some music
Fot other projects with sunglasses , I am still wondering how it would be possible without ears and without nose
I finally understood why Living AI designed Emo without hands , In fact there was absolutely no need to get some hands to cover his ears or to scratch his nose

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