Upsell Future EMO Products to Owners

So, I have (2) EMO’s, for my wife and I, and love EMO!! A few weeks ago, I was on YouTube and I saw a YouTube video with a picture of EMO and what looked like some new gadget. I watched the video and that was where I learned there was a new charger for EMO from a 3rd party. I immediately ordered (2) of the NEW Charging Stations. I remember thinking why did I have to learn about this from a YouTube video? Maybe LivingAI should have notified me directly since I have purchased numerous EMO items directly from LivingAI? Just seemed odd that I didn’t receive any direct info from Living AI itself about the new product. Thanks.

Hello, @leslielibal . . . I would be very careful about purchasing things that are not created or approved by Living AI. If the items you purchased are not in the EMO Store . . .

. . . then it is not a new charger released by Living AI.

Could you please send us the link to the You Tube video where you saw this?

Just know that Living AI will always let the public know when there are new features or new products regarding EMO here at this official site.

Sorry, I probably was not clear. The YouTube video was just an unboxing/installation video of the Living AI charger. After I watched the video, I immediately went to the Living AI website and ordered the (2) EMO chargers from Living AI. My point was, after ordering (2) EMO’s plus other accessories over the past year or so, I did not receive any notification from Living AI that these (2) Chargers were even available. Thanks!!

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