Upgrade to Christmas set

What’s the matter?
You said you’d include the stickers to make up for the long wait you’ve put us through … and now they can only be obtained if we upgrade the set to Upgrade to Christmas set …
What happens? … we will no longer receive them if we do not expand the set?

I think Living.AI giving stickers, aren’t this. I think they’re the simple line stickers you see in some photos on the legs & feet. Not the holiday one shown on the charger.
… … I’d be tempted to buy that extra if I believed I was getting mine before the holidays hit.

We all saw the photos of the stickers they offered us … are they different now ???

I think Living. she made it clear … or so I hope …

I just took this christmas kit.
I added it to my order # 103XX which dates from July.
I’m also wondering if there will be two fluorecent stickers in my order?
(not that it’s super important, but it’s not very clear). :wink:
I just have to hope to receive My Emo before Christmas! :crossed_fingers:

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Must be just for family and friends locally :thinking::thinking:

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I have a question which should be related to anyone that already has their EMO… How can existing owners be able to get the EMO Christmas Update pack? If anyone knows, feel free to share anything you know here.

I might also send an email to support and find out.

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