Updates ideas 💕

Do you think could there be any chance EMO could have access to the internet xx :kissing_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:tar

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In what way? Do you mean like Alexa or Google Home, (only with Emo’s voice)? Emo is meant to have that already, or he will be getting that (I hope), (I actually thought it would have been in this latest update :face_with_diagonal_mouth:).

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Great Idea @rachelmason ! Be sure to also add it to this thread as well.

What improvements and new features would you like to see for EMO in the future.

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Yeah that’s what I’d like it doesn’t seem to have it at the moment it seems to be quite difficult to connect to my Internet as it is always disconnect itself but it is new and does seem to be getting quite a few updates so maybe this is something they’ll fix also struggles to hear you a lot of the time or misunderstand what you say

In addition to what I have already said it would be good if all the games were visible and accessible from the app not just emo also so you can play it from your phone just in awe emos understanding or hearing gets in the way of to the game I.e noughts and crosses when you tell him your number he doesn’t hear you And either puts you anywhere on the board or just keeps repeating say a number is it to get irritating to children lol thanks