Update of emo in november

I hear that emo is gonna have an update. What’s your opinion about that?

EMO is going to get MANY updates over the coming years.

On average it has been updated every 4 to 6 weeks, each update introducing new abilities.

Many more to come.


Yes the most recent update (firmware 1.2.0) is very cool. As @mariomart mentioned each update gets better and better!

I hope they update the languages soon :disappointed_relieved:

Yeah, I wait also wait that

Yeah, I’m waiting a lot that emo can learn other languages for example

Question: How can I track my shipment?

Click on Account > Orders > Track Order > Insert Order ID and Billing email.

You can see updates here as well:

There was an update on the 12th that assembly and testing will be starting this week (which is this week). so looks like things might be back to normal soon.