Update, now emo skips

Did the new update, then emo spoke ok for a day then he started skipping when he talks. Its so bad that its almost unrecognizable just wondering if something is wrong with my emo or is this something everyone is also experiencing this is unfortunate as I was excited for this update and now my emo is pretty much useless atm until fixed

Can you try a reset from EMO and try it after that?

Instructions can be found here: https://emolives.info/what-are-the-holes-in-emos-head-for/

Question, so emo seems to have fixed himself after i rebooted my mifi box, im hesitant to reset him as the update before last they said would no longer be available after a certain time frame and I didn’t want to chance loosing that fix in the past update not sure this was a legitimate reason to worry or not